Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Hollow Man

Guest op-ed by Papa B.

While watching President Obama speak in his latest "press conference," it suddenly struck me what has been so troubling since Obama’s introduction and his ongoing "coronation."

While we are mildly amused at his teleprompter gaffes, they are really reflections of a characteristic that is deeper and more serious.

During the campaign, the opposition flailed away at Obama, citing his lack of experience, his relationships with Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, and the corrupt environment on Chicago's south side. References were made to his upbringing, the loose ties with his family, his odd visits to various countries, and strong ties to Socialist education and influences.

These do not really identify the essence of the problem, in my opinion. The problem is that he is a “hollow man”.

Hollow, because he has no value system. No value system, because his upbringing did not allow it. While President Bush can be criticized for much, he -- and some of his predecessors -- possessed a value system. You could always tell what issues affected him deeply.

His face and his eyes did not lie.

President Obama is a collection of beliefs, philosophies and agendas that have been imparted to him over the years by teachers, campaign activists, organizers, agitators, contributors, supporters, labor union leaders and lobbyists. Their teachings are, to some extent, fables. He may believe them to be "truths", but they are not his core, his essence. He has no such thing, because in fact, he is a "hollow man."

He is an attractive and charismatic presenter. When the teleprompter goes askew, he cannot rely on any fundamental beliefs, because he has none. He stammers and "uhms" his way through the speech until he recovers and loops back on message.

His gifts for presentation place him in a unique spotlight, and he is fawned over by those in the left, Hollywood and the media. Why? Because he was handsome, charismatic and so very different from previous politicians.

The "change" he preached was nothing more than a collection of philosophies never successfully implemented in any country, society or civilization. Every clear-thinking pragmatist knows that excessive borrowing, whether it's under the guise of a stimulus package or job creation, is still borrowing.

And borrowing must be paid back some day with interest and, perhaps, inflationary prices. The question is: will the nationalization of social and economic policies continue unabated under the leadership of the “hollow man” or at some point in time, will the electorate awaken, realizing that they have been “Elmer Gantry’d”?

Obama told Harry Reid, "I have a gift." And, indeed, he has a gift.

But only time will tell if the "hollow man" possesses a thin veneer that is beginning to fracture and flake away as the fawning and adulation fades. They will, instead, be replaced by more penetrating criticisms, even by the adoring media.

Many will feel disenchanted and then deluded, some will ignore the evidence, for to acknowledge those feelings would be indictments of their own beliefs and their cause. There will be a gradual, certain erosion of support from the moderate left; conversely, the far left will become more vocal in their support.

Because, at some point, he will shatter. And all the world will see the emptiness inside. It’s only a matter of time.

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