Sunday, May 09, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: The last word on Arizona's immigration law

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The last word on Arizona's immigration law: SixMeat
Flag Flap High School Hides Racist Secret: PJM
What I Learned From Bill White About Immigration: Hindenblog

Buh Bye, Bob Bennett: iOTW
Obama has awakened a sleeping giant: InstaPundit
'Teabagger' attends Organizing for American training: Marathon


Welcome to the Long Run: AT
I love when my predisposed notions are confirmed: RWN
Yes, we're bailing out Greece: Hot Air

Climate & Energy

Goracle pops up to illuminate us on the dangers of oil spills: RWN
Warming fears seen in OCD patients: Voxy
The Problems with Al Gore: AT


State-Run Media Absolves Obama for Spill Non-Response: GWP
Editor vandalizes brand new $5M bridge: BlogProf
The Hard Hat Riots, 40 Years On: Driscoll

No More Mr. Nuanced Guy!: BOTB
President Obama Talking Crap: PJTV (Klavan)
Machete "Illegal" Trailer: YouTube (Language Warning)


The Submarine That Snuck Into Beirut: Greenroom
Our Complacency Will Bring About Our Demise: PJM
The Real “War to End All Wars”: STACLU

16 months ago, MEP Nigel Farage predicted the Greek-and-Euro collapse: TAB
The Greek Debt Crisis for Economic Morans: Moran
Armed with Scuds, Hezbollah announces its ready for war with Israel and beyond: GWP


The Pill at 500: Unhappy Un-birthday: RSM
Cheap as Hay: C&S
Five hidden dangers of Facebook: CNet


Bikini Lawncare: WyBlog
Gabourey Sidibe Named On People’s World’s Most Beautiful People List: iOTW
Tea and a Lot of Sympathy: MOTUS

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