Sunday, January 29, 2012

Due to popular demand...

Several bloggers requested that I create some buttons or sidebar badges for the new BadBlue news service. Okay, it wasn't several. It was one. But still...

To use this beauty:

Just copy this text and paste it into your template.

Or to use one of the following buttons, simply click the one you want, then copy the text in the HTML block below to paste into your template:

350 pixels wide
300 pixels wide
250 pixels wide200 pixels wide180 pixels wide

HTML to use in your template:

If you don't know what BadBlue is, click here. Basically, it's a news service for the rest of us, completely automated using social networking chatter as the barometer for promoting news stories. So far it seems to be catching on.


Nice Deb said...

Awesome job. I've posted mine already.

Morning in America said...

Please consider this article

Martin O'Sullivan said...

added, and thank you for making the button available. Sincerely, The Marty O Radio Show & The Conservative Patriot - Wordpress.

Joe Schmo said...

Added to my blog. Thank you!