Friday, January 27, 2012

The numbers do not lie -- although it's possible they're racist

I love how these inside-the-Beltway hacks say that Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum "can't win" against Obama. The numbers say different. Obama got 52.7% of the vote as a messianic, post-partisan, post-racial and completely unknown quantity. Now we know he's not a messiah, he's highly partisan, he's also willing to divide Americans along racial, ethnic, income and any other lines he can come up with to dredge up votes, and he is a highly known quantity, which is to say a SCOAMF.

Following President Barack Obama’s self-congratulatory State of the Union address, Rep. Dave Camp (R-MI), chair of the House Ways and Means Committee, produced a simple chart that tells the real story of the Obama administration:

America Before President Obama Took Office and Now





Number of Unemployed1

12.0 Million

13.1 Million


Long-Term Unemployed2

2.7 Million

5.6 Million


Unemployment Rate3




“High Unemployment” States4




Misery Index5




Price of Gas6




“Typical” Monthly Family Food Cost7




Median Value of Single-Family Home8




Rate of Mortgage Delinquencies9




U.S. National Debt10

$10.6 Trillion

$15.2 Trillion


For more, and for references, visit the House Ways and Means Committee website here.

Shhh... no one tell Leonard Pitts.

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Robert said...

those number ARE racist! anything and everyone and everything that disagrees with Barack Ogabe is racist!

hey this smear thing is kinda fun!

But when applied to DemoNazis, it's not a smear, it's the truth. hey DemoNazis, you are Racists! anything you ever say against a conservative is Racist! RAAAAACIST DemoNazis,, the most racist people on Earth, obsessed with race in everything they do.