Saturday, January 21, 2012

Which GOP candidate has the courage to begin stripping away the Democrat welfare state that is bankrupting this country?

When the media questions a GOP candidate -- from Eric Cantor to Paul Ryan -- their perspective is always the same. Why are Republicans unwilling to compromise with their altruisitic Democrat partners? Why won't they work with President Obama?

The framing of these questions is, of course, patently bogus. When Democrats had control of Congress from 2006 to 2010, and after Obama's election in 2008, where were the great compromises that the media loves to harp about?

• Did they compromise on Obamacare? Or did they ram it through on midnight of Christmas Eve with bribes, backroom deals, and thousands of hidden pages of legislation?

• Did they compromise on Global Warming? Or did the president command the EPA to issue CO2 regulations when even a Democrat-controlled Congress couldn't pass cap-and-trade legislation?

• Did they compromise on the Stimulus package, ramming through trillions in deficit spending that has utterly failed to rescue anything except for the public sector unions' campaign coffers?

• Did they compromise on their outrageous financial reform legislation ("Dodd-Frank") that is spreading misery and layoffs throughout the country?

Actually, I don't recall a single Democrat compromise on any of these outrageous measures. Not a one.

So when we choose a candidate, are we going to have another RINO mush who will "go along to get along"? Who will permit the Democrats' social welfare state to continue expanding, albeit at a slightly slower pace? Who will not try to move the rudder on this country before it sails over the fiscal abyss?

Or will we have a man with courage? Who will shoot straight with the American people? Who would issue a true declaration of political war with the Marxist Utopians that have overthrown the real Democrat Party?

A man who would give a speech like this, paraphrasing Truman?

Two years ago an American juggernaut dropped a bomb on Democrats in Congress and destroyed their usefulness to the Marxist Left. That bomb had the power to swing 63 House seats and 680 state legislative seats and left in its wake what the National Journal called "devastation".

The Democrats began this war in 2007 when they promised to run the "most ethical Congress ever" with "no new deficit spending." Instead they permitted and encouraged rampant criminality and an all-time record of nearly $6 trillion in new deficit spending.

But the end of their reign of fiscal terror is near. The electorate dropped the political equivalent of an atomic bomb on the Democrats again last month. The force which gave birth to this country -- an insatiable desire for freedom -- has been loosed against those who brought fiscal ruin to the nation.

The greatest marvel is not the size of the Democrats' defeat, nor its cost, but the achievement of the people -- a true, grass-roots effort to repudiate Marxism, Statism, Utopianism, whatever their un-American strategies are called -- into a workable plan. People of all races, religions, economic backgrounds and interests worked to advance freedom. It is doubtful if another such combination could have been assembled anywhere in the world. What has been done is among the greatest achievements of a people fighting incipient tyranny in history. It was done under pressure and without failure.

We are now prepared to obliterate more rapidly and completely every destructive endeavor the Democrat Statists have created. We shall destroy their agencies, their bureaucracies, their unconstitutional czars, their ideologues who have burrowed into regulatory bodies unknown to most Americans. Let there be no mistake: we shall completely destroy the Democrats' political power-base: the bloated federal bureaucracy that has grown, unchecked, for one reason and one reason alone, which is to fund Democrat campaigns.

It was to spare the Democrats from utter destruction that I issue this ultimatum.

If they do not now accept our terms they may expect a rain of political ruin, the likes of which has never been seen on this earth. Behind this 2012 offensive will follow subsequent forces in such number that and power as they have not yet seen and with the political skills of which they are already well aware.

The power of the people will continue to grow as more citizens educate themselves regarding the unholy alliance of Democrats and the fourth branch of government -- the public sector unions. Both align themselves against the citizen, against the taxpayer, and threaten the destruction of our country, our currency and our way of life.

We pledge to politically eradicate the Marxist left that inhabits the body of the Democrat Party like some sort of horror film zombie.

And in 2014, 2016, 2018 and in every subsequent election, we will return this great Republic to the Constitutional basis that our Framers intended. Our contract with America is this: it is the Constitution.

No political quarter asked, and none given.

This is a war for the country's future. We can have a failed Marxist welfare state of the sort melting down in Europe. Or we can begin to right the ship by returning to the principles of Constitutional government, the wisdom of which becomes more and more obvious by the day.

I believe Rick Santorum is the only candidate who would issue this kind of ultimatum to the Democrat-media complex. Time grows short to save this republic. I urge you to offer him your support.


Jerome E. Carter, II said...

I've given $500 of my own money to Rick Santorum's campaign. I wish I could do more. I encourage Doug Ross readers to give what they can, and match me if you can. There is no candidate for Republican government except Rick Santorum. Romney and Gingrich may be running for that title, but they are NOT Republicans. As Alan Keyes said, this country is suffering a crisis of character. We have a moral problem, not money problems. Rick Santorum is the one chance we have this election cycle to address these grave issues.

Anonymous said...

the idea that Gingrich is not a Republican, that's he's some big government guy is absurd. Save you money on Santorum and put it behind the ONLY person running who can beat Obama. Santorum is unelectable for starters, he does not connect with people. let't get real. thiss thing will come down to Newt vs. Obama.

astonerii said...

Rick is no longer someone I will support. It is Newt or Obama for me.

Jack said...

I support Rick Santorum & NEWT .
I would vote for one of them as president..
I also like Romney because he is strong about National Defense & always has had it as his top priority !
FREEDOM has a price...
~ Everyone in the military or was in the military realizes that.. jack

Con Job said...

I like Rick Santorum. I do hold the Arlen Specter business against him (which led to Obamacare being passed).

The deficit is my biggest issue. I have 6 kids (four adopted). I am voting for their future. There is only one candidate that has proven his ability to take down the bureaucrats, that's Newt Gingrich.

Anonymous said...

Gingrich understands and knows history. Many American's don't and therefore have no ability to see things in perspective. Newt can actually articulate a point or idea succinctly, and does not suffer fools lightly. This country was hijacked by a fool of epic proportions. The Great Odogma with his disgraceful destructive partisanship and his dishonest blame game need to be taken to the proverbial woodshed on national television. Newt is the Norman Schwarzkopf of the Republican Party and it's about time we stop this progressive/regressive disease infesting our country and break it's back. Romney's a wimp and Santorum lacks the forcefulness it's going to take to once and for all go toe to toe with the deranged Democrat Party that now seeks to destroy this nation. I'm with Newt! MOUNT UP! This IS the Second American Revolution!

P.S. I say this as a life long Scoop Jackson Democrat who up until the age of 58 voted straight Democrat and then in 2008 realized there is only one party interested in smaller more efficient government. I now can't ever imagine myself ever voting for a Democrat again.

directorblue said...

Just to be clear, I support Rick Santorum over the other GOP candidates.

I support Newt over the rest.

I support Mitt over the kook.

And I would support anyone or anything -- even an inanimate object -- over Barack Obama.