Friday, January 27, 2012

Good News: Average Federal Worker Getting Paid As Much As a Microsoft, Intel or Cisco Employee

But remember, folks: there's nothing to cut.

The average federal government employee receives [a total] annual compensation of around $133,000. How does this match up to the private sector?

CNN Money has a nice survey of the 25 highest-paying companies in the country, outlining the average total compensation per employee in each one. According to CNN, the closest match to federal employment is Microsoft, whose average employee compensation is $132,023 per year, making it the 17th highest-paying company in the country.

When high federal pay is pointed out, public employee unions counter that federal employees are more productive than the average private sector worker, due to their greater education and experience. But do you think that the average federal employee is more productive than the average Microsoft employee? Or Intel, or Qualcomm, both of which pay around the same?

Have you ever called a federal agency to try to get help? It's kinda like the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, only without the prompt customer service. So I can't wait until we get BMV-style health care.

Say, I wonder if Leonard Pitts thinks this chart is racist?

Hat tip: BadBlue.

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Georg Felis said...

Where in the heck do they get those wacked numbers for Federal Employees? $125,000 is the *average*??? That's *more* than a GS-13/14 salary, you have to be a GS-15 with over a decade in service before you can hit that, and considering that a State Director for most agencies is a GS-14 or -15, and there's only one of those per state, that number is complely nuts.