Sunday, January 15, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Raiding the Treasury to Bribe the Irresponsible

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Raiding the Treasury to Bribe the Irresponsible: BigGovt
White House signals aggressive stance to protect homeowners: Hill
White House supposedly comes out against SOPA: RWN

An Evangelical Vote Of Confidence For Santorum: CBN
Arlen Specter Thinks Hillary Should Replace Obama?: Greenroom
David Axelrod Tries to Re-Wright History: Blumer

Apocalypse Now: Life Imitates Bad Science Fiction: Howling
Why Romney is Weak vs. Obama: AmSpec
Tony Perkins announces evangelical support for Rick Santorum: Hot Air


The Worst Economic Recovery Since The Great Depression: Forbes
Time to Defund the Rogue NLRB: BG
Industrial Midwest States Challenge Union Power: NPR

Eurozone about to come unglued: Mish
Presenting Mitt Romney's Top Campaign Contributors: ZH
“Not Enough Rich People To Rape And Plunder In California”: Soylent

Gunrunner & Energygate

My Call to Schumer’s Office on PIPA: It’s So Much Worse Than I Thought: Amanda Peyton
Good News! $6.5 Billion In Taxpayers Funds At Risk In “Green” Ventures: RWN
Judge Upholds ATF Gun Rule for SW Border States: ABC

Climate & Energy

White House: Yeah, We Knew About Chevy Volt’s Catching On Fire, But Didn’t Try And Hide The News: WZ
NHTSA: White House had no role in Volt fire disclosures: DetNews
Solyndra Just the Beginning of Obama’s Green Energy Venture Socialism: LoneCon


This is precisely the kind of godbothery social con meddling that makes it impossible...: ProWis
The New York Times Ponders: “Are We Biased Enough?”: RS
Must watch: “Daily Show” destroys liberal columnist over “civility” hypocrisy: Hot Air

Newsweek Slams Liberal Reporter For Ignoring Angry Michelle Obama's 'Grace, Charm, and Intellect': NB
Abraham Lincoln was the one percent!: Troglopundit
With Mr. Steyn on the Road to Armageddon: ConAlley

Debt Limit Made Easy:
Lib Media Outrageously Outraged By Dana Loesch’s Defense Of Marines: Nice Deb
New Rock Band, Madison Rising Shows Our Country Finally Heading Into The Right Direction?: Publius


Is George Soros Responsible for Ending Ethanol Subsidies and Brazilian Import Tariffs?: Coston's Complaint
Even Politifact Hammers Obama over Israel Lies: Lid
Jihadi Work Accident: Palestinian Terrorist Killed When 'Malfunction' Causes Premature Detonation: WZ

Bolton: Obama taking credit for Bin Laden's killing like Nixon taking credit for moon landing: WZ
Germany Attempts to Silence Criticism of Islam: Creeping
PBS video: Uncovering the world of “bacha bazi”: Creeping (2010)

I Piss On Their Outrage: Zilla
South Korean oil ship explodes; North not suspected: LAT
Brzezinski: How Jimmy Carter and I Started the Mujahideen: Creeping (2009)


Google Admits It Scraped The Database Of A Kenyan Startup, Says It Was Huge Mistake: SFgate
How hackers gave Subway a $3 million lesson in point-of-sale security: Ars Technica
Science's "most beautiful theories": Reuters


Brick Walls: Wolf-Hirschhorn
Conan Peanut Players Present: Tim Tebow's Miraculous Pass: TeamCoco
Obama Responds to Pissgate: Morlock Revolt

Obama Kids Sing for Change - Updated for 2012: Granny Jan
How to Open a Padlock with a Coke Can: It's Tactical
The Incredible True Story of the Collar Bomb Heist: Wired

Image: The Looking Spoon
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QOTD: "Earlier this week President Obama articulated how he understands the concept of employment, explaining that, in his view of the universe, bureaucratic regulations are a good way to create jobs:

Obama Says ‘EPA regulations create jobs’
“When we put in place new common-sense rules to reduce air pollution, we create new jobs building and installing all sorts of pollution-control technology.”

Yes, seriously, he said that. The President of the United States said it." --Zombie

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