Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: SOTU 2012, Deconstructed

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SOTU 2012, Deconstructed: HayRide
Here's what you won't hear at the State of the Union: Instapundit
State of the Union: Populist-corporatist stew: Carney

SOTU Surprise: Mass Re-Financing of Mortgages: Peth
State of Obama's Tax Assertions -- ATR Fact Check: ATR
The Real State of the Union: Stossel

Zero People Turn Out For March for Life on DC: Ace
Party On, America: Pundette
Schools of Education: Williams

GOP Primary

New polls show a collapse in support for Mitt Romney: LAT
Romney vs. Kerry: Fair Share: WZ
Meet the men who gave us ObamaCare: Hot Air

What really happened in the Gingrich ethics case?: York
Chris Christie's absolutely bizarre judicial nominations: WyBlog
Congrats Capitalists: Reagan Democrats Abandon Romney: Riehl


'11 Stunning Secrets': ProWis
What the White House Really Knew About the Stimulus: IBD
WI State Senate Recall Petition Rife With Invalid Signatures, Duplicates, and Errors: BG

Barack Obama Is the Food-Stamp President: Blumer
State Dependency on the Federal Government: Cato
Non-Class Warrior Wants Millionaires to Pay Fair Share: AmPower

Scandal Central

Obama’s Green Robber Barons: Malkin
What a Surprise: Obama Supporter’s Company May Benefit From Keystone Pipeline Rejection: Powers
In 2010 SOTU, Obama Touts Solyndra: RCP

Climate & Energy

President Obama’s Very Dishonest Campaign Ad Regarding Energy: Watts
How Barack Obama used taxpayer dollars to outsource green energy jobs: RWN
Warren Buffett Stands To Make Huge Profit From Obama’s Rejection of Keystone Pipeline: WZ


Palin to Christie: Don’t get your panties in a wad over Gingrich’s victory in South Carolina: Hot Air
Surprise! Obama Doesn’t Want The 2012 Election To Be About His Own Incompetence: Pirate's Cove
Santorum Socks Heilemann: MSM's Job To Defend Obama, Not Mine: NB

Chicago Tribune, Washington Post Defend Alinsky: Conservatory
Allen West says Newt best suited to communicate conservatism to the black community: Scoop
When you've lost Jack Cafferty...: NoisyRm

State-run media whitewashes Alinsky: BizzyBlog
1999 CNN report on Newt Gingrich’s exoneration by the IRS over ethics charges: Scoop
Video: Black Truck Driver Call's Rush Does Stunning Complete 180 On Obama: HyScience

WSJ Goes Into Full GDS Meltdown: Howling
Flashback: Ace
Nancy Pelosi Promises That Newt Gingrich Will Never Become President: Blaze


How Iran Could Trigger Accidental Armageddon: Bloomberg
Is Obama Trying To Replace The Pope?: IBD
56% Favor Building Keystone Pipeline, Think It’s Good for Economy: Rasmussen

Good for Gingrich, who dares to disavow Sharia: Spencer
Soros Warns of ‘Riots,‘ ’Brutal’ Clampdowns & Possible Total Economic Collapse: Blaze
Pentagon Looks to Sabotage Pakistan’s Bomb Supply: Wired

U.S. Raid in Somalia Frees Hostages: WSJ
U.S. 'Reset' Backfires As Brazil Turns To China: IBD
Widespread support for burka ban in Canada: Creeping


21 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic: SEOMoz
Google announces privacy changes across products; users can’t opt out: WaPo
Fitness 2.0: it's genes versus gym: smh


Obama's Re-Run SOTU: Ace
Florida Republican’s Ad Depicts Children Enslaved by Obama and Alan Grayson: RSM
MTV warns about perils of Obama's NDAA: MTV

Image: "US forces free aid workers held in Somalia", AFP
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QOTD: "To be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace." --George Washington, first State of the Union address

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