Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Eric Holder Finds Endemic Racism Laced Throughout American Society

Attorney General Eric Holder used the occasion of Martin Luther King's birthday this weekend to lobby against the integrity of the ballot box, just weeks after his Justice Department blocked South Carolina's voter ID law from taking effect.

Holder asserted that requiring a valid ID to vote is racist, stating, "...today, a growing number of citizens are worried about the same disparities, divisions, and problems that Dr. King fought throughout his life to address and overcome."

Holder also pointed to union elections as bastions of Jim Crow-style racism, because they require IDs in order to vote.

As for the TSA, which requires IDs for air travelers, Holder termed it a "cauldron of racial injustice."

Holder also pilloried the liquor store industry for its discriminatory policies of requiring identification in order to buy alcohol.

And the attorney general saved some of his harshest vitriol for the military, observing that recruiting offices' outrageous requirements for IDs had set a terrible precedent, one which would have outraged Dr. King.

The Social Security Administration didn't escape Holder's attention; he described it as a "factory for racial discrimination."

Actually, Eric Holder didn't say any of those things -- except for that first statement, concerning his hatred for the requirement for voter IDs. Eric Holder despises the sanctity of the ballot box, because he would never go after the military, the TSA, liquor stores, et. al. for their practices of requiring identification. Eric Holder, in short, wants to taint the vote.

No, Eric Holder is the most malevolent and lawless attorney general in American history. He makes John Mitchell look like an Eagle Scout. And I can't wait for Congress to get to the bottom of his involvement with Operation Fast and Furious.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Holder, a few weeks ago, I had to go to the federal courthouse. I had to show my ID to get in (and get searched). Should I accuse the guards of violating my civil rights?

Robert said...

50 years in prison for this most corrupt, racist, and lawless freak ever to be given the privilege of being our highest law enforcement officer.

what Barack Ogabe and his bunch of thugs have done to our country and society is unforgivable. Holder is his Sheriff of Nottingham.

voter fraud is their stock in trade, it's all they do. and it's what Holder was put there to protect and foster, more fraud to make sure elections never go against the National Socialist Democrat party.

50 years in prison should be the penalty for this kind of titanic fraud, this deliberate and sickening perversion of one's oath of office. this rape of our nation.

The_Bad said...

It is a good thing that the media is covering this blatant attempt to steal elections....



... oh, yeah.

anieb said...
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