Monday, January 23, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Florida: "All your primary are belong to us"

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GOP Primaries

Florida: "All your primary are belong to us": Sunshine
SC: Newt’s The Big Winner, Romney And Paul Losers: Cove
Newt Wins South Carolina: Bruce

Newt Notes: Crayfisher
Romney Flunks Critical Competency Test: Riehl
Ron Paul Supporters ‘No-Shows’ at Ron Paul Speech: Shark Tank

Gingrich win shows collapse of GOP establishment: Exam
RuPaul will skip Florida primary to focus on Nevada and Minnesota: FAM
Gingrich steals Romney's cloak of electability as president: Reuters


Time to Town it Down: Open Letter to the GOP Candidates: Hawkins
Obama’s 3rd-year approval lowest of anyone except Jimmy Carter: FAM
Gabrielle Giffords to resign from Congress: Politico

Newt Is Vindicated, But Nobody Knows It: Bozell (1999)
Romney: Alright, I’ll Release My 2010 Returns on Tuesday: Malkin
Romney's Ugly Politics Now Surfacing In Surrogates: Riehl

A Few Words in Defense of Negative Campaigning: Barone
Christie: Gingrich 'embarrassed' the GOP: Politico
Arrested guy’s the real SEAL: Post


Why Do Obama Officials Get So Rich?: Lowry
Despite Below Freezing Temps, Thousands Rally for Scott Walker: BG
Dripping with red ink: Will anyone fix Illinois' budget mess?: BND

Sundays with Sherrod: Occupier Solidarity: BG
Classy: “Occupiers” Steal From Church, Urinate on a Cross: JWF
Man of the People Hits NYC for Four Lavish Fundraisers in One Night: JWF

Gunrunner & Energygate

Breaking on Fast and Furious: Arizona Moves to Prosecute Those the Feds Won’t: BG
Boehner, Cantor press secretaries balk at calls for Holder’s resignation: DC
Attorney General Holder Continues To Defend The Rights Of The Dead To Vote: JWF

Climate & Energy

Obama Okays Gulf Oil Storage For Brazil: S&L
Update On The Environmental Scientist Caught On Video Faking Data; Now With A Kennedy Connection: Wizbang
Tom Brady’s Environmentally-Friendly 22,000 Square Foot Mansion Finally Ready: JWF


The Disgrace Of The Fourth Estate - The Obama Media Group: JoshuaPundit
The Cry-Baby In Chief: FPM
Dennis Miller’s Rant on Obama’s Disneyworld Visit: VS

South Carolina Ended the Myth of Romney’s ‘Inevitability’ And Other Lessons: BG
Newt's Victory in South Carolina a Defeat for the Liberal Media: Bozell
Yes, Liberalism IS a Mental Disorder: MenRec

Willard Mitt Romney becoming unhinged, calls Newt Gingrich a failed leader who had to resign in disgrace: FAM
Revolution Moves Into The Overton Window: NoisyRm
Hugh Hewitt Channeling Liberals For Romney: Riehl


Pro-Sharia Textbooks Creeping Into Curricula Nationwide: BigPeace
Muslim Pilot -- with terror links and deemed a security risk -- accuses airline of racism after losing his job: Atlas
Cuba: The Truth in Black and White: babalu

Obama Official Confirms U.S. Meeting With Al-Qaeda Allied Haqqani Network: WZ
Obama Campaign Uses Old, Unrelated Footage in Attempt to Convince Voters He Is Pro-Israel: BigPeace
Syria rejects new Arab League plan to end violence: Fox

Amazing Look at Communism and the Secret Rise of Capitalism in Rural China: AllAm
Argentine Paper Apologizes for Hitler Themed Comic Strip Mocking Jews in Concentration Camps: Blaze
Egyptian Islamists Torch Homes and Businesses in Coptic Village: GWP


The Cognitive Consequences of Having Information at Our Fingertips: Farnam Street
New App Helps Users Find Parking In NYC: NY CBS
Steve Jobs Freaked Out A Month Before First iPhone Was Released And Demanded A New Screen: Insider


Get out of here! And take your little dog with you.: MOTUS
Winter, Snow, Ice and Oy!: PRS
Ga. judge orders president to appear at hearing: CBS Atlanta

Image: iOwnTheWorld
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Rick Santorum for President

QOTD: "’s [Judi Kantor's] portrayal of our Commander-In-Chief that is truly shocking. Barack Obama comes off as a man with deep personal issues, manifested in a supreme self-centeredness and tremendous insecurity. He is emotionally fragile, unable to stand criticism, and bewildered by dissent...

...Obama comes across in the book as profoundly power-hungry – he couldn’t get anything done as a State Senator, so he moved on to the Senate; he couldn’t get anything done in the Senate, so he moved on to the presidency.

He’s frustrated with the presidency, too. “When Obama reflected privately on the presidency that fall, he often spoke about the limitations of the office,” Kantor reports about Obama’s first autumn in the White House. He was suffering from a “dawning sense of political powerlessness.” This is the highest form of egotism known to man. The president of the United States is the most powerful individual on earth. He does not get to complain about his lack of power. No wonder Obama has publicly mused about the beauties of the Chinese system – the only step up from the presidency is monarchy or dictatorship." --Ben Shapiro

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