Sunday, January 15, 2012

Litany of Failure

How many failures will it take before a huge majority of Americans discover what the Soviets, the East Germans, the Cubans, the North Koreans and all others who lived in centrally planned economies found out? That is: that authoritarian, centralized, massive government planning can't work, won't work and hasn't ever worked in all of human history.

2009-02-18 Realtor: President Obama announces 'Making Home Affordable', helping up to 9M avoid foreclosure
2009-02-19 CNN: Experts say Obama's $75 billion foreclosure fix will work
2009-03-06 NLIHC: President Obama Announces Details of Homeownership Protection Plan
2009-03-19 PRLog: President Obama Annonces Program to Help Students Find Summer Internships
2009-04-09 EDTA: President Obama Announces Faster Purchase of 17,600 American Vehicles for Government
2009-05-27 CleanCar: President announces new $467MM alternative energy programs: solar and geothermal
2009-06-30 Philanthropy: President Obama announces $50MM fund to expand innovative social projects
2009-08-05 DOE: President Obama Announces $2.4 Billion in Grants to Accelerate Battery, E.V. Development
2009-10-21 White House: President Obama Announces New Small Business Lending Initiatives
2009-10-21 Bank: President Obama Announces Additional TARP Capital for Community Banks
2009-11-23 Boston: President announces $260MM program highlighting science education

2010-01-06 White House: President Obama Expands “Educate to Innovate” Campaign With $250 Million
2010-01-08 CNN: Obama unveils $2.3 billion for clean energy jobs
2010-01-11 Green: President Obama Unveils New, $2.3B Renewable Energy Funding Program
2010-01-15 HUD: Administration announces $2B in Neighborhood Stabilization Program Grants
2010-01-28 CNN: Obama announces $8 billion investment in high-speed train system
2010-02-19 LVSun: Obama to announce new $1.5B foreclosure rescue program in Las Vegas
2010-03-01 White House: President Obama Commits $3.5 Billion to Reduce Dropout Rate
2010-03-26 Sun-Times: Administration announces enhancements to MHA program to prevent foreclosures
2010-09-16 White House: President Obama to Announce Expansion of $4B 'Educate to Innovate' Campaign
2010-09-26 CBS: President Obama Announces New $50B Jobs Program
2010-09-27 HHS: HHS announces $68M in new grants to help people explore health, long-term care options
2010-10-04 Training: President Obama Announces Launch of Job Training Partnerships
2010-10-15 Florida: Federal government allocates funding to help pay mortgages of homeowners

2011-02-08 White House: White House announces six-year, $53B plan to build national high-speed rail network
2011-02-10 USDA: President Obama Announces Plan for Community-Based Conservation
2011-06-08 NIST: President Obama program will prepare 500,000 Workers for Cutting-Edge Manufacturing Jobs
2011-07-29 NHTSA: President Obama Announces Historic 54.5 mpg Fuel Efficiency Standard
2011-08-09 NLink: President Obama announces $75B Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan (HASP)
2011-08-15 CPost: Obama Visits Navy Yard to Announce Jobs Program for Veterans
2011-08-17 DOE: President Obama Announces $510MM Initiative to Spur Biofuels Industry
2011-09-16 White House: President signs America Invents Act: turns ideas into jobs
2011-09-26 DOL: Obama administration awards nearly $500MM for job training and workforce development
2011-10-24 ABC News: President Obama Announces New Program to Help Struggling Homeowners
2011-10-26 White House: President Obama Announces Steps to Lower Monthly Student Loan Payments
2011-11-10 Head Start: New Regulations Increase Accountability and Boost Quality in Head Start
2011-11-14 Natl. Journal: White House Announces $1 Billion in Health Care Grants to Create Jobs
2011-12-07 DOE: President Obama Announces Nearly $4 Billion in Building Energy Upgrades
2011-12-08 White House: We Can’t Wait: Obama Announces $2B to Support Job-Creating Startups
2011-12-16 We Can't Wait: Nine States Awarded $500MM Race to the Top Grants
2011-12-16 NFWF: Obama Administration Announces New Conservation Jobs Program For Youth
2011-12-18 President Obama announces changes to Home Affordable Refinance Program

2012-01-05 Democrats: President Obama announced the new Summer Jobs+ program; will provide nearly 180,000 employment opportunities

And it's interesting to count how many of these failed, duplicative exercises in central planning were designed to direct taxpayer funds into the coffers of the president's union boss supporters, which -- in turn -- will be deposited directly back into his 2012 reelection campaign accounts.


Ten Mile Island said...

"They" were never as smart as "we" are.

Brian said...

Impressive. And to think that Marxist came off like a centrist. Lying scum.

Unknown said...

Good thing he hasn
t started planning like Stalin did with the Ukraine grain quote plans.

Phil said...

"And it's interesting to count how many of these failed" --
For the lazy fans of yours, like me, can you give links to articles that show the failures? Maybe your viewers can help contribute some links.