Saturday, January 28, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Sarah Palin Unloads on Mitt Romney

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GOP Primary

Sarah Palin unloads on Romney: GWP
Stop Trying to Manipulate the Conservative Vote!: Toldjah
"Not worth getting angry about"?!: Pundette

NRO, Elliot Abrams Caught Disseminating Crap: Riehl
Gingrich Leading as Fight Intensifies: WSJ
Report: Paul approved racist portions of newsletters: Politico

Another dishonest Romney attack, blunted: Cold Fury
Eviscerating Elliot Abrams over anti-Gingrich propaganda: Lord
Erick Erickson: Romney Can't Win: Riehl


Another witness testifies: paid for a forged ballot: MenRec
Tantrum on the Tarmac: NoisyRm
Justice Dept. to SCOTUS: Don't overturn entire law: Politico


A Nation of Dependents: IBD
Average federal pay matches Microsoft: AEI
Occupy movement arrest total now over 6,000: Marathon

Get a Load of These 'Unofficial' Federal Programs: Blaze
Warren Buffett: Leave My Stage Prop Secretary Alone!: JWF
Obama to Democrats: I Welcome “Robust Debate” On “Class Warfare”: WZ

'Thank You, Warren.' 'No, Thank You, Mr. President!': AT
180 Reasons NASA Thinks We Should Have A Moon Base: Insider
Facebook Readies IPO Filing: WSJ

Scandal Central

Documents say DOJ knew of Fast and Furious connection day after Terry murder: Codrea
Fast and Furious: Game Over: ConCom
F&F Document Dump: SSI

Climate & Energy

16 Concerned Scientists: Chill Out, No Need To Freak Over Anthropogenic Global Warming: Pirate's Cove
Scientists to Politicians: Let’s Put Climate Alarmism on Hold for 50 Years: VS
Shoppers Say Chevy Volt Expensive, Nissan Leaf Ugly in Study: Trib


You dumb racist conservatives are dumb. And racist.: Hot Air
Glenn Beck’s Staff Threatened by Soros Operatives: NoisyRm
LOL! More than a quarter of Obama’s State of the Union TV viewers shut it off after the first five minutes: FAM

Obama Tells House Dems: “Let’s Go Out There And Change The Country”: WZ
Tapper Informs Stephanopoulos: Obama ‘Can’t Run’ on His Achievements Because ‘They’re Not Popular’: NB
Mooch Dines With Planned Parenthood Executive: WZ


All American Muslims in Dearborn Heights Arrested for Assault on Christian Quarterback: Creeping
Soros Think Tank Adviser: There’s No Peace Because Those Rich Jews Bribed Congress: BigPeace
Nightmare of disorderly default focuses minds on Greece: Reuters

Iranian leader says Egypt’s new parliament a step toward Islamic regime: JihadWatch
The Islamic Paradise of the Needle and Powder: Greenfield
Obama administration using loophole to quietly sell arms package to Bahrain: ForPol

25 Homecomings: Jawa
Experts Are Terrified By Greece And Its Debt Problems: Insider
Pakistani Foreign Minister: Islam Is The “Most Misunderstood” And “Misrepresented” Religion In The World: WZ


Good news: FBI seeking social media monitoring tool: Breitbart
Google Already Knows You’re a 24-Year-Old Woman Who Loves Wombats: Wired
RIM CEO eyes "significant" plans for BlackBerry: Reuters


Beat My Caption: C&S
Geriatric Snow Plow: MagFarm
Georgia Birther Hearing Proceeds Without Obama, Without Effect: PuffHo

TGIF: Frequent Flier Edition: P&F
The Donkey Whisperer: HayRide
You Aren’t Tough. These Guys Are Tough: Wired

Image: DaleToons via Western Rifle Shooters
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Rick Santorum for President

QOTD: "...some of these completely unbiased, intellectually curious academic institutions may have something of a vested interest in proving their point [that conservatives are stupid]. You see, as the economy continues to falter and conservative, austerity leaning measures begin to take hold and spread at both the state and federal levels, the wellspring of cash which fuels the universities begins to dry up as well. And not to cast aspersions on anyone’s intellectual honesty here, but coming up with a result that casts doubt on the people threatening to dry up your grant money might not be the worst outcome in the world." --Jazz Shaw

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