Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Martin Luther King’s Conservative Principles

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Martin Luther King’s Conservative Principles: Foundry
South Carolina: the Final Five: Malkin
Why Martin Luther King Was Republican: Rice

IL Republicans May Not Be able to Vote for a Presidential Favorite: BG
The Worst White House Aide: WS
Valerie Jarrett Blasts Republicans from the Pulpit: WS

Eric Holder, Voter ID, and the Chicago Way: PJM
Holder uses MLK day to tar voter ID laws as racist: WZ
Dem Party of Wisconsin requires photo ID for volunteers!: Troglo


One more time: The unemployment numbers in context: Q&O
Congress logs most futile legislative year on record: Times
Progressive Paradise of Detroit: Cube

Mark Levin’s Ameritopia: Progressivism, the Oldest Evil: PJM
Huffington rips FLOTUS over insensitivity to the poor: Equalizer
New Santorum slams Romney over principles: CBN

Climate & Energy

China Buying Up Canadian Energy Riches: BigPeace
Email 3114, April 2007, Phil Jones again with a massive red flag: Nelson
Nuclear Disarmament in the Resource Wars: RCW


David Gregory beclowns himself once again with more incestuous bias: NB
Romney’s Airport Tarmac ‘Shoe-Shine’: Powers
Politico Notices That A GOP Win In November Could Mean The End of Obamacare: Pirate's Cove

Redistribute This: Hayek
Mark Levin: Ron Paul’s interpretation of the Constitution not always accurate: DC
Overblown Urine-Gate Story Reflects a Left-Wing Media Tired of Pretending They Respect Our Troops: BigJourn

Ameritopia Explodes Into 2012 Campaign: AmSpec
Newt obliterates Juan Williams for race-baiting question: Scoop
Can Real Liberalism and the Democratic Party Be Saved from the Radical Takeover?: BRubin


Vatican Says “Most Serious Concern” Is “Islamic Extremism”: Dollard
European bailout agency may need bailout: AT
Iran to give US a model of downed American drone: ynet


Wikipedia to shut for 24 hours to stop anti-piracy act: Trib
Apple invites labor practices review in overseas factories: USA Today
Zappo Zapped: Biggest Consumer Danger Not Credit Cards But Identity Theft: Forbes


Mayday! Mayday! S.O.S. WTF?: MOTUS
DC may be like Hollywood for ugly people, but…: NakedDC
Tim Tebow Will Be Broncos Starter For Next Year: Ace

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QOTD: "A Saudi Arabian court sentenced a man to two years in prison and ordered him 200 lashes after he was caught alone with a woman in his apartment, English-language Emirates 24/7 news outlet reported Monday.

The man, a "Christian Asian" in his 50s, summarily rejected the verdict in the Riyadh court, demanding deportation.

The man said he should not be subject to Saudi Arabia's strict Muslim law as per extramarital relations given that he is Christian.

The report did not say whether his girlfriend was also sentenced." --JPost.com Staff

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