Saturday, January 14, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: The Largest (and, Of Late, the Dumbest) Ideological Group

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The Largest (and, Of Late, the Dumbest) Ideological Group: Digest
"Numbers changing" in Iowa results: Santorum may be victor: FAM
Romney is beatable, but only if conservatives toughen up: Telegraph

White House knew before midterms: Solyndra layoffs were coming: Ace
Bloomberg's Law: Steyn
Michelle Obama sees Barack's 'wonderful progress' in jeopardy: IBD

The Leaf-Blower Paradox and the Fallacy of Obamanomics: Zombie
The Improbable Gingrich Scenario: Patterico
Nutter Fumes After 3 Teens Killed In Reprisal Shooting: CBS Phil


Obama Called Smaller Bush Debt Rise “Unpatriotic”: Dossier
Mercedes apologizes for using mass-murderer Che in ads: WZ
UAW Thugs Appeal Conviction--And Get Stiffer Sentences: Howling

Confusion reigns: did Bain advise W.H. on auto bailout?: Peth
Lethargic Obama: Townhall
2008 Chart Comparison: ZH

Gunrunner & Energygate

Green Energy Sinkhole: Obama’s $6.5 Billion Junk Bond Empire: VS
White House: We Didn't Tell The NHSTA To Keep The Volt Engine Fires Secret. That Just Sort of Happened.: Ace
Another ATF weapons operation comes under scrutiny: LAT

Climate & Energy

Al Gore said North Pole would be ice-free this year. Guess not, eh?: GWP
CBS: Obama admin spent $6.5 billion on risky green-tech ventures: Hot Air
Top 8 Videos of Alaska’s Record Snow: Blaze


New York Times: Hey, Liberals, Do You Think We're Biased Enough? Or Could We Do More?: Ace
A Portrait of the First Lady as an Angry Young Woman: AT
Morbidly Obese, Never-Was Director: Older Whites That Didn't Vote for Obama Are Racist: NB

MSNBC's Alex Wagner Mutters "Jesus" During Santorum Clip: RCP
Team Obama Defends DNC Chief Wasserman Schultz From “Debbie Downer” Ads: WZ
Ringing Finally Ended, but There’s No Button to Stop Shame: NYT

New AFP ad: You want to talk about layoffs? Let’s talk about Solyndra, then: Hot Air
Mark Levin: Count me a staunch supporter of Marines who pissed on Taliban corpses: Scoop
Bill Maher Admits His Audience Are 'Brainwashed Liberals': NB


West: “Unless You Have Been Shot At By The Taliban, Shut Your Mouth, War Is Hell”: WZ
Five of the Most Expensive Military Weapons on Earth: Blaze
The European Credit Downgrades Begin: ConCom

IDF Enlists Computer Hackers to Serve in C4I Cyber-Warfare Unit: Blaze
Defiant Ahmadinejad wins backing of four LatAm allies: Breitbart
US, Iranian ships involved in incidents in Strait of Hormuz: Fox


Google, what were you thinking?: Mocality
Air Force Drone Controllers Embrace Linux, But Why?: InfoWk
The New Gmail Sucks: Crooked Timber


This Just In from the Civil War: The Confederate Submarine H.L.Hunley Has Risen Again: Digest
A tribute to Mooch-elle: Knuckle-draggin'
Food for thought for politicians: ALZ

Kevin Love vs. Sumo Wrestler - ESPN Sport Science: ESPN
Ronald Reagan vs. Washington: Mellow Jihadi
Our Run-Away Election Campaign: MOTUS

Image: MLK Memorial, adapted from iOwnTheWorld
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QOTD: "In fact, Pew does not claim to have found, as the AP falsely asserts, that “tensions between rich and poor are increasing.” It finds, rather, that “perceptions of class conflict” and “the belief that these disputes are intense” have become more prevalent, especially since 2009.

It isn’t hard to understand why that might be the case. After all, what have Americans seen when they turned on the news over the past few years? In the White House, a president who, for want of political or managerial competence, has nothing to offer but bitter partisanship and ideologically driven class resentment. In public parks around the country, professional protesters and ignorant college kids ranting about their grievances against “the 1%.” ... The perception of “class conflict” has grown because the media have paid the putative conflict so much attention. They have done so in part for ideological reasons–lefty journalists have had a weird preoccupation with “income inequality” for as long as we can remember–but also in part because it’s newsworthy, especially when the president of the United States is trying to foment class war.

It would also be newsworthy if he succeeded–and that is the story the AP is trying to peddle. But Pew’s findings show it is a phony war. If underlying “tensions between rich and poor” were really rising, the survey would have found some evidence of actual hardening of attitudes across socioeconomic lines." --James Taranto (via Instapundit)

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