Thursday, January 26, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Alarming Thoughts On The SOTU from Clark Judge

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Alarming Thoughts On The SOTU from Clark Judge: HyScience
Stumping Sebelius: BigJourn
Obama and Jan Brewer Have Words on Airport Tarmac: Malkin

One-percenter: Meet Warren Buffett's poor secretary: Glob
Obamacare encouraging government by edict, not law: Exam
Obama’s Gerrymander: ProPublica

GOP Primary

Reagan's Young Lieutenant: Lord
Romney Advisor: No Obamacare Repeal: RS
FL: Gingrich Draws Thousands, Romney Draws Hundreds: WS

Unlike Obama, GOP Candidates Serious About Governing: Barone
The Three Reasons Newt Is More Electable Than Mitt: FPM
Pelosi's office says she really doesn't have dirt on Newt: GWP


State of Obama's Tax Assertions -- ATR Fact Check: ATR
11 things Obama didn’t tell you about tax fairness last night: Peth
The State of His Policies: WSJ

Obamacare has made the debt crisis worse: Exam
WI unions burn through members money: RS
Rejection of Keystone XL a Hammer-Blow to Economy: HoosierAccess

Scandal Central

US Attorney Cunningham Refuses to Give More Than his Name and Title To Congressional Investigators: NiceDeb
Arizona House Speaker to ‘Put Some Light on Fast and Furious’: BG
New Mexico driver's license data point to rampant immigration fraud: Fox

Climate & Energy

Obama Puppetmaster Warren Buffett Biggest Winner From Keystone Pipeline Rejection: ZH
Radical Dem Schakowsky on Keystone XL: "Twenty thousand jobs is really not that many": Marathon
Thermageddon Folly QOTD: Soylent

Chevy Volt Battery Issue The Next Solyndra?: EarthTechling
ForestEthics “an enemy of the people of Canada”: Bayonet
Unicorns Twist Science and Corrupt the Rule of Law : NOFP


AP FACT CHECK: Obama pushes plans that flopped before: Times-Union
Ladies and Gentlemen, I Might Just Have a Conservative Star for You.: Sundries
Rachel Maddow: Democrats Must Do More to Promote Abortion: LifeNews

Barack Obama Handles the Ship of State a Lot Like the Captain of the Costa Concordia: VS
Mitt Romney Makes $57,000 Per Day? That's So Much More Unbelievable Than My Own $41,000 Per Day: Ace
Gallup: Obama’s Approval Sinks Back to All-Time Low Among Blacks: CNS

Detailed Fisking of President Obama's Frightening Speech (Spending, Taxes, Threats and Lies): Lid
Obama’s Former Faith Adviser: ‘I, Frankly, Am Glad American Civil Religion is Dying’: CNS
Candid Admission - Proving Your Identity Only Hurts Democrat Voters: MenRec


Smearing Gingrich as an Anti-Semite: Commentary
Haditha Was Exploited To Increase Danger To The US, US Troops, And To Noncombatants: Kesler
Kansas City: Radical Muslim group begins month-long campaign on sharia: Creeping

Fidel Castro: GOP race is ‘idiocy, ignorance’: Politico
Polarization and Sustained Violence in Mexico's Cartel War: Stratfor
20% of young Germans have never heard of Auschwitz, survey reveals: Daily Mail

Report: Obama To Speed Up Pace Of American Aid To Muslim Brotherhood-Led Egypt: WZ
Gingrich: I want to build a moon base: CBS
Obama Ambassador To Egypt Meets With Muslim Brotherhood Leaders: WZ


Your Résumé vs. Oblivion: WSJ
Why ‘Xbox 720′ Might Reject Used Games: Wired
New Satellite Takes Spectacular High-Res Image of Earth: Wired


This SOTU proudly brought to you by the Soros Fund: MOTUS
He needs a TOTUS for this?: WZ
Costa Concordia cruise’s American Express offer: ‘Immerse yourself’: WaPo

Image: Saudi woman driver reported killed in car crash is alive
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QOTD: "The markets are the best measures of how people perceived today's announcements from the Fed. The dollar pissed on the Fed in general, the gold market hit Bernanke square in the face with an ingot." --Bruce Krasting

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