Monday, January 30, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Palin: "Rage Against the Machine...Vote for Newt"

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GOP Primary

Palin: "Rage Against the Machine...Vote for Newt": FoxNation
The 2012 Race Takes Shape: Barone
Mitt Romney's Lack Of Character Revealed Out Of Desperation: Riehl

Latest FL Poll Shows Newt Within Three Points: RCP (PDF)
Newt makes closing argument at The Villages: Nice Deb
Rasmussen: Romney opens up lead in FL: Exam

Romney Aide is Re-districting Allen West Out of Office: LI
Wake Up, Conservatives: Mitt Romney Is Running As A Leftist: Riehl
Bella Santorum 'Improving,' Candidate Off the Trail: NatlJrnl


Through the Prism of Race: Shayne
Obama’s targeted Latino appeal: Politico
Robert Gibbs back on Obama payroll: Politico

Eat, Pray, Love and Be Black but Don’t Be a Republican: ConBlkChk
The Heretical Gospel According to Pope Barack The First: WyBlog
Congress promises to get tough on Congress: ConCom


How the $800B stimulus failed: Post
Mostly Peaceful Oakland Occupiers Mostly Peaceful To The Tune Of 300 Arrested: STACLU
Stunning: DC Police Now Tasing Occupiers: JWF

The Political Cowardice of Barack Obama: Reason
Michelle's $50,000 shopping spree boosts company's sales: Telegraph
FL Food stamp bill seek to restrict junk food: Trib

Scandal Central

A Fast and Furious Fib: Post
The Latest Beneficiary of Obama’s Crony Capitalism: George Sorosd: C4P
Fast and Furious sparks agency changes: AZStar

Climate & Energy

Awesome: Calif. To Pay For High Speed Rail With Extortion: Soylent
Iran says oil could reach $120 to $150 per barrel: Fox
CNN Projects Gas Prices Rising to $4.25 to $5 a Gallon: NB


New York Times Fails to Mention Gingrich Was Cleared Of Ethics Charges: BigJ
Welcome to BadBlue: ConCom
The Dan Rather File: Five Decades of Liberal Media Bias: MRC (2007)

Rev. Luke Robinson: ‘They Want Us To Be Silent Because the President Is a Black Man’: CNS
The Social Media and Me: Sajak
Thomas Friedman's Delusions About China vs. Reality: SDA

Tea Party Patriots straw poll: Santorum nomination would generate most enthusiasm: DC
How I woke up to the untruths of Barack Obama: Telegraph
An America Divided: Boortz


Egypt: Tens of Thousands of Muslim Brotherhood And Secular Protesters Clash In Tahrir Square: WZ
Egypt: Mob of 3,000 Muslims Led By Salafists Attack Christian Homes And Shops: WZ
The True Obama Doctrine, And Its Chilling Result: Blogmocracy

Palestinian Authority-Run TV Praises Brutal Murderers of Fogel Family: Lid (Graphic)
All American Muslims in Dearborn Heights Arrested for Assault on Christian Quarterback: Creeping
Panetta: Iran is one year away from producing nuclear weapon: Haaretz


F-BOMB: the $50 DARPA-funded spy computer makes widespread surveillance even easier: End the Lie
5-Million Dot Electronic Viewfinder Makes Glass Obsolete: Wired
Google Teams With Facebook and Microsoft To Phight Phishing: Wired


Our Most Populist President Ever: MOTUS
OWS Street Graffit: I See Tent People: Urban Infidel
After ‘The Wire’ ended, actress Sonja Sohn couldn’t leave Baltimore’s troubled streets behind: WaPo

Image: Glenn McCoy Political Cartoons
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QOTD: "How long before we see a FLOTUS tarmac tantrum? We did get two divas for the price of one. As longtime observers of the royal Obamas have long observed: Mr. and Mrs. Cranky Pants’ problem has never been the color of their skin. It’s the thinness." --Michelle Malkin

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