Friday, January 27, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: The Romney Campaign’s Newt-Ain’t-Reagan Assault

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GOP Primary

The Romney Campaign’s Newt-Ain’t-Reagan Assault: HayRide
Confirmed: Romneycare = Obamacare: Malkin
Surprise! Romney Donated to Democrats: PndtPrs

Santorum eviscerates Romney over RomneyCare: Scoop
Santorum wins debate, but Romney beats Newt: Exam
Romney’s Big Healthcare Lie: RS

President Obama: I’m going to win reelection: Hill
Romney Praised Hezbollah in 2008: Hillbuzz
Mr. and Mrs. Crankypants: Malkin


Texas Sues DOJ Over Voter ID Law: JW
Christian Student Bullied for “Bullying”: MB
Who Will Be Thrown Under The Bus After Marco Rubio?: C4P

The state of the State of the Union: JPA
The Brutal NRCC ‘Every Day’ Ad.: Moe Lane
Denying Islamists Federal Security Clearances: PJM


The economic case against Obama, all in one chart: Peth
Is President Obama Creating A Nation Of Dependents?: IBD
December New Home Sales Worst On Record: S&L

The Debt Monster That Ate the World: Pelerin
NLRB To Force Companies To Turn Over Employee Telephone Numbers & E-Mail Addresses To Unions?: LUR
Poll: 54% Want SCOTUS to Kill Individual Mandate: WZ

Obama’s vision for a Spartan America: Goldberg
Obama’s Misstatements on the Union: DLim
Why Obama is Toast: RWN

Scandal Central

Another Stimulus-Backed Energy Company Files for Bankruptcy: Foundry
Two Billion Obamadollars Later, Brazil’s Oil Goes to China: RedCty
First Lady unveils Spanish-language food program: WZ

Climate & Energy

Administration's Blueprint Locks Potential Energy Sources: FreeEnt
Virginians Get First Peek at Secret UVA emails: ATI
Ener1 Bankruptcy Is Latest Obama Green Jobs Flop: IBD


Interviewing Mark Levin About His New Book, “Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America.”: Hawkins
Mark Levin Talks to NewsBusters About 'Ameritopia' and Media's Role in Advancing Utopianism: NB
Obama's Ratings Collapse: NatlJrnl

Errant Email to Congressional ‘Allies’ on Keystone Exposes Media Matters’ Tax-Exempt Fraud: Pollak
Media Matters Dismissed Insider Trading Issue, Attacked Schweizer; Politico Followed Suit: Riehl
RNC Releases New Ad in Advance of Obama’s “State of My Campaign” Speech: JWF

Video Of Newt Bashing Reagan Is Bogus: Riehl
MRC's Bozell Announces Launch of 'Tell the Truth! 2012' Campaign: NB
Reuters makes 5 corrections on Rubio hit piece: Exam

Levin: Newt did more for the conservative movement than virtually all of his critics today: Scoop
Media Matters: The Unpaid Research Department of Politico: BigJ
CNN Turns Blind Eye To Obama-Alinsky Ties: IBD


Think Progress Scrubs 'Borderline Anti-Semitic' Rhetoric from Website: WS
New Pentagon plan would cut ground forces by 100,000: Fox
U.S. outrage as Egypt bars Americans from leaving: Reuters

Obama in Foreign Policy Hell: Spengler
N. Carolina Muslims arrested in plot to behead witnesses in recent terror conviction: Creeping
Sources: 30 Pounds Of Cocaine Found At United Nations: CBS NY


Scientists create first free-standing 3-D cloak: Eurekalert
My Horrific Experiences With Sony Customer Support: Mish
Everything Wrong with Zynga in One Image: Forbes


Turkey Day: Thin skinned, Breasts and Necks. Mmm, mmm mmm!: MOTUS
No Obama in court, no ‘birther' ruling: AJC
Obama & his Attorney fail to appear for Trial and 2 Hour Hearing: Obama not qualified for Ballot?: The Steady Drip

The Political Correctness hierarchy: lepers trump amputees: Troglo
Vintage American Ads Get Online Archive: WSJ
Despite Unfair Tax Burden, Warren Buffett's Secretary Was Just Able To Buy A Second Home: TSG

Image: iOwnTheWorld
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Rick Santorum for President

QOTD: "It won’t decide the 2012 election, but the meltdown of Barack Obama’s Islamophile foreign policy has to hurt. Iran’s imminent acquisition of nuclear weapons humiliates a president so committed to dialogue with the evil lunatics in Tehran that he refused to support a mass outpouring of democracy demonstrators during the summer of 2009. Obama’s closest foreign policy friendship is with the Islamist president of Turkey, who has jailed more journalists than China and steered his country towards imminent economic disaster. Tayyip Erdogan may not be a terrorist, as Rick Perry said in last week’s debate, but he backs them, including Hamas.

And then there is Egypt: Even the New York Times has noticed that Egypt’s economy is collapsing, and that the country faces disaster as it runs out of money." --Spengler

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