Friday, January 20, 2012

Obama-supported Occupy Movement's Official Advertising Material Threatens Violence, Rioting, and Destruction of Private Property

Marathon Pundit alerts us to the Occupy movement's universal symbols of tolerance: an anarchist wielding a pipe-wrench and a crowbar:

Those peaceful chaps with Occupy Eugene in Oregon are distributing a protest flyer portraying a ninja--masked of course--carrying a heavy wrench and a crowbar. Presumably these objects are weapons. And they can be deadly weapons.

Names of prominent banks are listed on the flyer. Occupy Eugene is calling for Monday to be a "Day of Direct Action."

But they're just like the Tea Party.

Except, that is, for the arson, murders, drug-dealing, rapes, suicides, overdoses, vandalism, burglaries, and assaults.


douglas said...

Note also the "Tango Down" logo in the lower right corner- with the a replaced by the anarchy logo. "Tango Down" is from military jargon for Terrorist Down (KIA or otherwise out of the fight). That's about as direct a call for violence as one could imagine, and the flyer itself seems to be illegal in that it's directly inciting a riot and physical violence.

Dustin said...

If there's some meaning here beyond 'hurt people and smash things and wear a mask because you could get in trouble if you're caught' I would love to know what that is.