Monday, January 16, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: If Romney becomes the candidate, Obamacare off the table

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If Romney becomes the candidate, Obamacare is off the table: Lane
Obama's 1-man rule thumbs nose at Founders: Barone
The Government We Deserve: Cold Fury

Levin on Ameritopia: We live in a post-constitutional country: CNS
Reid: Cordray appointment will stand: Politico
AMERITOPIA: Mark Levin Connects the Dots: Wright

Obama Heads to Church – Again: Dossier
Huntsman quits, endorses Romney: AmSpec
Santorum: Romney’s Super PAC lying about me too: Scoop


California Rail Fail: Captain Brown and the Great White Train: Mead
In New Hampshire, a Real Budget : NRO
Extra NY tax revenue all smoke and furors: Post

How Copyright Industries Con Congress: Cato
Timing the End of Merkel and Sarkozy: Mish
'Sacrilegious': Bodies Piling Up At Cook County Morgue: CBS-Chi

Gunrunner & Energygate

LightSquared, GPS Can't Coexist; Media Avoids Falcone, Obama, Dem Campaign Links: NB

Climate & Energy

ClimateGate II: Email 4766 – Data? Hide It. Forget It: Pirate's Cove
Okay, Say It With Me Again Class, “It’s The Sun Stupid.”: Soylent
Climate change skepticism seeps into science classrooms: LAT


Is Joan Walsh The Most Bigoted Journalist in Media?: BigJourn
Soros-Funded Media Matters For America Purposefully Omits Full Perry Quote: BigJourn
Every Year Boondoggles Pile Up in California: RWN

Newsweek Cover: Obama's New Clothes Thrill Media Elites: Cube
Going Godwin to defend Bain: LI
Alan Simpson, the Next President?: Mellow Jihadi

Before Citing a Poll, Read the Fine Print: 538
The Huffington Post Twitter Account Gets Hacked: Homophobic And Racist Tweets Sent: Mediaite
Newt Is Vindicated, But Nobody Knows It : MRC (1999)


Unreal… Obama Administration Warns Israel About Strike on Iran: GWP
Barely News: North Korea's Reported Punishment of Those Not Sufficiently Mourning Kim's Death: NB
10 reasons the U.S. is no longer the land of the free: Turley

Hackers shut down Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, El Al websites: Haaretz
Three Fundamental Mistakes in Dealing with Islam: Greenfield
Libyan militias clash south of Tripoli: 9NewsAU

As Obama Dithers… Canadian PM Harper to Travel to China to Sell Oil: GWP
The Thin Veneer of Civilization: Power Line
Muslim Persecution of Christians: December, 2011: Creeping


Your iPhone Was Built, In Part, By 13 Year-Olds Working 16 Hours A Day For 70 Cents An Hour: Insider
High-tech fitness: Out-of-this-world workouts: Fox
Apple reveals who makes its iPhones, iPads, and more: Fox


Book Review: 'American Sniper': Times
Let’s Drop A “Bomb” on The Red Tails: P&F
This Week in Automotivators, January 9-15 :RWN

Image: New Yorker Magazine, July 21, 2008
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Rick Santorum for President

QOTD: " The federal government's selective application of the Supremacy Clause in immigration related matters appears to be wholly political and sends confusing signals to its citizens and those illegally in the United States. For example, while pursuing aggressive legal action against states such as Alabama, which are attempting to comply with and support existing federal immigration laws, the federal government turns a blind eye to state and local governments adopting policies promoting violations of federal immigration law, including the establishment of sanctuary cities, the issuance of state identification cards, and the provision of in-state tuition for illegal immigrants." --Landmark Legal Foundation, Amicus Curiae Brief (PDF)

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