Sunday, January 29, 2012

Photos: Occupy DC Girds Its Loins for Eviction Tomorrow

My brother and I went down to McPherson Square today to mock some of the Occupiers for their upcoming eviction tomorrow.

Hopefully this isn't the tent of an English teacher.

Curiously, the encampment appears to be more reminiscent of a ghost town rather than a bustling village gearing up for a confrontation.

Eviction notices were taped to most of the tents.

Compliance bullet #2 could prove problematic in inclement weather.

The crowd couldn't get enough of the Daily Activity Board.

6:00AM Monday - a "General Assembly" will greet the Park Service eviction crew.

A raucous crowd of Occupiers met some tourists taking pictures.

"Comfort Station".

Sensible: fighting "American Fascism" by demanding more government.


Occupy DC's art gallery: always a popular attraction.

If these guys expect to be teargassed and flash-banged tomorrow, they'd better get rowdier.


Dapandico said...

The last picture is a drawing of an AK 47. The preferred of terrorists.

Larry Sheldon said...

There seems to be agreement on the spelling of "niether".--is it a code word for something?

genes said...

The tents are on public property. Somehow I don't think consent would be necessary for a search of the tents. Trying to stop a tent search would then give cause for a search of their persons.