Friday, January 06, 2012

Exclusive Photo: GM Executives Announce Recall of All Chevy Volts

The headline reads -- and I quote -- "Because of Multiple Fire Problems, General Motors ‘Calls Back’ Every Chevy Volt Ever Sold":

Straining mightily to avoid the word “recall,” General Motors (GM) is “ask(ing) owners to return (Chevy Volts) to dealers” in what is being called a “customer satisfaction program call back” – of every single Volt ever sold...

...There were multiple Volt fires in 2011. Two private fires in April. Three government fires in National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) testing. And another private fire in November.

Remember: The two fires in April and the one in November involved Volts that were not involved in crashes. Yet GM and the Obama Administration are now claiming that the Volt fire problems only arise “days or weeks after a severe crash.”

Remember: GM and the Obama Administration until very recently only copped to one NHTSA fire. Now they are saying there were three...

Note: our lawyers tell us that the accompanying photograph may not be real, although Cub Reporter (Level II) Biff Spackle insists that it is.

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Anonymous said...

Same thing as with Obama, days weeks and months later the "problems" started arising
and continue to this day.