Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Democrats and Executive Overreach

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Constitutional Crisis

Democrats and Executive Overreach: Michael McConnell
Obama’s Arrogant Authoritarianism: Foundry
House Republicans File Resolution Criticizing Recess Picks: Roll Call


Exposing Romney's fatal flaw: how conservatives can win: Riehl
All Of The Stars Align - Republicans and the Black Vote: Wolf Howling
Socialist Party USA to Rick Perry: Stop Calling Obama a Socialist: Blaze

Obama Appoints La Raza Radical to Control Domestic Policy: Pavlich
Romney Wins N.H.: Exam
VA court likely to allow Gingrich, Perry and Santorum on the ballot: Hot Air

Romney and McCain: The GOP Frenemies’ Club: Malkin
Mitt Romney's 'Inevitablity Factor': ConBlkChk
Chicago Political Turf War Heats Up: AT


The only known photos from Obamas' “Alice in Wonderland” party: Tatler
Man of the People: Obama Hosts Fundraiser at $45,000 per Ticket: Dossier
Making Young Voters Dependent on the Government: Scoville

In Greed I Trust: Williams
City: Rat population has ‘exploded’ around Occupy D.C. camps: DC
RomneyCare Just Got $150 Million More Expensive: Cato

Gunrunner & Energygate

DNC Chairwoman Getting ‘Fast and Furious’ with Eric Holder: Shark Tank
Finally: ATF Officials Involved in Fast and Furious Reprimanded: Pavlich

Climate & Energy

Don’t Listen To A Word Obama Says About Energy, Because He’s In An All-Out War Against It: HayRide
The EPA has a tough day in court: SAB
Massive oil deposit discovered in Arctic: Blaze

Obama to the EPA: 'Thanks for Being as Clear and as Least Bureaucratic as Possible.': Townhall
UK Report Says Wind Farming ‘Ineffective’ at Cutting Emissions: Blaze
Obama pledges to stand by EPA as it destroys economy: Hill


Koch Derangement Syndrome: The New York Times’s Stalinesque Attacks On The Koch Brothers: Riehl
Politics Trumps the Left's Empathy: Steyn
Here's an Election Indicator Democrats Won't Like: MilPundit

Unseat These Atrocious Moderators: Bozell
Media Arrogance: Politico's Simon Suggests GOP Field Isn't Worthy of the Press Corps: NB
The Associated Press’s Stinky ‘New Distinctiveness’: PJM

PPP Poll Shows Santorum Most Electable In *NC Against Obama: Nice Deb
DeMint Predicts Romney Win in SC: Exam
Rush drops nuclear bomb on Newt’s Bain Capital argument: Scoop


The Euro Is Already Gone: Chicago Boyz
Champions of Freedom: Stossel
REPORT: Foxconn Employees Threatened A Mass Suicide Over Pay: Insider

Such a "Great" Idea It Can Now Be Proclaimed But Not Criticized: Obama Supports the Muslim Brotherhood: BRubin
Who Lost Nicaragua? Daniel Ortega Begins an Unconstitutional Third Term: Foundry
Filipino Catholics need massive military, police protection from Muslim threat: Creeping

Iran Reports Killing of Nuclear Scientist: BizWk
Federal Appeals Court Rules In CAIR’s Favor, Blocks Oklahoma Voter-Approved Ban On Sharia Law: WZ
Greece Bank Run Shows No Sign Of Stopping: Deposit Outflows Continue In November: ZH


How the Brain Spots Faces: Wired
Banks Unite to Battle Online Theft: WSJ
With Search+, Google Fires Another Shot at Facebook: Wired


Lipstick on your collar: C&S
Day by Daley CHANGEs: MOTUS
Furniture Blogging Gary Locke, Tim Geithner, and Xi Jinping: Mellow Jihadi

Image: Gateway Pundit
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QOTD: "The dangers of the underclass here in the poorest quadrant of the poorest county in poor California are obesity rather than malnutrition. The local state dialysis clinic is tragically full of far more heavy than lean poor. (Yes, I grant that arugula costs more than Hostess CupCakes). More suffer from an expensive ingestion of an unlawful drug than the unavailability of a cheap ingestible prescription drug. The parking lots are full of Tahoes and Yukons; the public trolley for the indigent goes by empty.

Keep all that in mind as we enter the most divisive, class-warfare campaign in recent memory. We are living in the upside-down world Orwell wrote about. A president who likes upscale golf a lot, and Martha’s Vineyard even more, who has hired three “fat cat” bankers as his chiefs of staff (how odd that Emanuel and Lew probably both made a lot out of the Freddie/Fannie bubble), and who is the largest recipient of Wall Street cash in history now argues that half of America suffers from the hands of “them.”" --Victor Davis Hanson

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How does it make sense to address the problem on some controlling society through government by making the government stronger?