Friday, January 13, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Everything Is At Stake, All Right

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Constitutional Crisis

Everything Is At Stake, All Right: DLim
Grassley Not Buying DOJ’s Non-Recess Appointment Apologia: Foundry
DOJ memo argues Obama recess appointments were legal: Hill


It’s Not Over Until All ‘57 States’ Vote: BigGovt
Obama’s “Razist” Lobbyist Moves Up: Malkin
More Democrats Than Republicans Voted For Ron Paul In NH: Fox

Santorum makes the case against Mitt Romney’s “electability”: Hot Air
Giuliani: "What the Hell Are You Doing, Newt?": Hayward
Santorum Adds Staff, Offices, Money, Endorsements in S.C.: RSM

Obama "didn't want to take pictures with any more soldiers": BuzzFeed
Carney: We're not hiding POTUS' campaign activities...: WZ
Why Obama's Florida Numbers Should Worry Him: RCP


Union Protesters Growing Desperate in Indiana: Blaze
Obama Chic: Now Selling Campaign Gear for the One Percent: Wizbang
Occupy protesters chant as Obama's 26-car motorcade passes: Marathon

Internal DHS Survey: Obama promoting immigration, not security: WZ
In ‘Right to Work’ Battle, Narrative Trumps Fact on NPR: PJM
Illegally Appointed NLRB Hack Helped Block Reform at Corrupt Union: Foundry

Climate & Energy

Doomsday Clock Moves To 5 Minutes, Partly Due To Climate Change Hoax: Pirate's Cove
Al Gore: If Global Warming isn’t a Campaign Issue, Civilization is at Risk: Malkin
Warmer summers cause colder winters, scientists say: Reuters


Friedman Cheers as Egyptians Are Enslaved: BRubin
Iranian Filmmaker: 'Michael Moore Is the Most Famous Director in Iran': NB
Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, Scott Brown... and Mitt Romney: Riehl

Romney on Campaign Finance Reform, 2002: Ace
Should we legalize drugs and prostitution like Ron Paul wants?: Wintery Knight
Dems Licking Their Chops Over Romney: Riehl

The Sacred Narrative: Behold, the Sanity of the Center-Left: PJM
Four-Hour PBS Documentary To Explore Bill Clinton, And I'm Sure They'll Cover the Womanizing: Ace
Brangelina swing by White House for chat with Obama: Fox

For Belafonte and Other Progressive Blacks, Reality of the Obama Presidency a Bitter Pill to Swallow: BigGovt
‘Tactical Voters’ went to Romney in New Hampshire: Barone
Paulbots Hack Celebrity Twitter Accounts, Post Ron Paul Endorsements: WZ


North Koreans Who Weren’t Sufficiently Hysterical Over Kim Jong-Il’s Death Headed to Labor Camps: JWF
Things Vladimir Putin is not too busy for: ForPol
Taliban Says Peace Talks With Obama Admin “Don’t Signal An End To Jihad”: WZ

The Global War Against Baby Girls: AEI
Obama’s Disastrous Islamist Outreach: Creeping
Children 'dumped in streets by Greek parents who can't afford to look after them any more': Daily Mail

Obama Administration Airbrushes Britain out of Europe: Foundry
State Dept’s #2 diplomat meets with Muslim Brotherhood: Creeping
Another Pyrrhic Victory in Mexico’s Drug War: Cato


The Hack on Stratfor: Stratfor
Acura NSX Concept: Insider
How to cut the cord on cable: Insider


SCOAMF: Then and Now: Ace
Rogue Ringtone Halts a Maestro: WSJ
Speaking of Holding Noses: Sondrakistan

Image: Wolf Files
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QOTD: "We can endlessly debate whether he is such a devoted ideologue that he’s blind to his policy failures, whether he’s willing to sacrifice the economy and the fiscal integrity of the United States for his perceived higher good of radical redistribution, or whether he really intends to do harm, but these are moot questions anymore. Under any of these possibilities, the fact remains that he is hellbent on accelerating his present course, not reversing it, on dictating, not working within his constitutional constraints, much less building a bipartisan consensus." --David Limbaugh

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