Friday, January 06, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Obama's Recess Appointments: An Impeachable Offense

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Constitutional Crisis

Obama's Recess Appointments: An Impeachable Offense: IBD
Obama to Congress: I’ll decide what’s constitutional: DC
The Lawless Obama Regime: EIB

The Abuse of Power by Pres. Obama: RWN
Levin: 'We Have a Constitutional Crisis': CNS
Obama Raising Cash Off Cordray Appointment: Dossier

Obama's Tyrannical Abuse of Power: Foundry
Pelosi 'glad' Obama made 'bold', illegal recess appointments: DC
Santorum: Senate Must Sue Obama Over Illegal Appointments: WZ


Obama Proposes Crippling Cuts To U.S. Military: Hewitt
Obama Visits Ohio, Sherrod Brown Skips Town: BigGovt
The Case for Santorum: DC

Obama Announces Huge Military Cuts: Hayward
Obama's Super Czar Is on the Loose: Malkin
Jerry Brown's new budget: more spending and higher taxes!: RS

Oops: Did Obama Screw Up His Cordray "Appointment": Dossier
An Imperial Sham: Goldberg
Report: Romney’s Iowa win may be due to a typo: Hot Air


Tracking the unreported (15.6%) unemployed: AEI
Search warrant issued for SEIU operative: BigGovt
The 2011 Occupy Movement In 10 Pictures: RWN

The Dirty Little Secret of "Income Inequality": Hayward
BofA Must Pay Excess Settlement Funds To Acorn Clones: IBD
What Happened to the ECB's Heroic Intervention?: McArdle

Gunrunner & Energygate

Grassley: New docs prove Admin knew about Fast & Furious: Examiner
Obama's Volts and Karmas recalled for being rolling murder-carts of fiery holocaust: Ace
Justice Turns Over Fast And Furious Info: WPXI

Climate & Energy

A Small Win Against The Great Biofuel Boondogle: Wolf Howling
Another Renewable Fuels Project Fails: Taxpayers Pick Up the Bill Again: Reason
Chevy Volt will receive safety enhancements, but don't call it a recall: Autoblog


Paging Rick Moran Redux: If we correctly identify the President’s overt defenses of dictatorial power grabs as “overt defenses of dictatorial power grabs,” would that be considered extremist Visigothery, or just unhelpful?: ProWis
Brian Williams Gushes Over Shirtless Obama Vacation Photos: NB
You Stay Classy, Ron Paul Supporters: RS

CBS Just Makes Up Santorum Saying He Doesn't Want to Give "Black People" Money: Ace
Did Santorum really equate homosexuality to bestiality? Actually, No.: BigJ
Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Spins "Lie of the Year" Award: Ace

2011: Out with a whimper, not a bang: Hanson
Granny Rictus McBotoxImplants: I'm Proud My President Has Brazenly Assumed the Power of Tyrant: Ace
Why not apply 'Loser Pays' to the government?: Instapundit


Obama's Iraq withdrawal a 'snowball' of disaster in the region: Events
Iran building missile base in Venezuela: AT
Obama to Share Missile Defense Secrets With Russia?: Pollak

The 9/11 Commission Report - Part II: BarrackNow
The last Haditha Marine: Wuterich trial update: Malkin
Teen Tortured, Dismembered, Beheaded by Trafficking Gang in Bethany, Oklahoma: Borderland


Exec Forced Out Of His Job For Uploading His CV Onto LinkedIn: Insider
Twitter, Facebook, Google endorse alternate online piracy bill: Hill
Feds Want Judge to Force Suspect to Give Up Laptop Password: Wired


Original Version of The Declaration of Independence Discovered: Diogenes
Hollywood Power In Bizarre Transgender Row: TSG
Crescent Roll Waffles: Primordial Slack

Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Rick Santorum for President

QOTD: "In his speech at Shaker Heights High School, Obama proved — as Dennis Green might say — that he is who we though he was. In fact, Obama — under the guise of Champion to the Middle Class (he’s looking out for you!) — has essentially said that separation of powers, checks and balances, and, in effect, the Legislative branch itself, are mere nuisances that need to be circumvented, and that the President has the power to ignore the Constitution and Congress when the Legislative body refuses to do as he says.

That is, he has stated — now quite directly and clearly — that the Constitution is but a show piece, a ceremonial document to which the Chief Executive pretends to defer only until its constraints prevent him from acting in a way he wants to act, at which point, it is the “obligation” of the President to seize complete and total control of the reins of power, denying advice and consent powers to the Senate, denying the jurisdiction of the majority holders of the House to allow for an extended Senate recess, denying the legislature its role in passing laws (Obama has decided he will execute only those parts of the omnibus budget bill he himself signed that he likes, and the rest he will not; just as he has directed his Justice Department not to defend DOMA, even though it passed Congress and was signed into law by President Clinton), denying states the jurisdiction to protect their borders or enforce their voting laws, denying the people themselves the franchise by setting up commissions and bureaucratic agencies explicitly beyond the reach of the electorate and beyond the oversight of Congress; and doing so all in your name, claiming a popular mandate that doesn’t exist to justify the very behaviors that are laying the groundwork for a permanent tyranny." --Jeff G., Protein Wisdom

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