Thursday, January 12, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Keep Their Feet to the Fire

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Keep Their Feet to the Fire: Shapiro
Photo ID provisions important to securing elections: Gingrich
All Of A Sudden, Romney Has A Narrative He Can Win With: HayRide

White House 'Insourcing' Photo Op Becomes Romney Bashfest: JWF
Newt Surges: within Error Margin of Romney in SC: Ricochet
Now We Will See the Real Obama: P&F

Project Veritas stings New Hampshire Voter ID-less laws: Moe Lane
Former Rep. Artur Davis on NH: ‘Voter fraud is common’: DC
Eighth Democrat Indicted for NY Ballot Fraud : MenRec


Who wouldn’t enjoy firing these people?: Coulter
Barack “Occupy” Obama Attending Five Fundraisers This Week: VS
Facing the Arithmetic: Whittle

State of the Union: 1,000 Days Without a Democrat Budget: ATR
Univision Attempts to Blackmail Marco Rubio: Elder
IN Right-to-Work: Unions Protest, Democrats Boycott: Watchdog

Gunrunner & Energygate

New E-mail Blows Hole in Obama’s “Fast and Furious” Story: Western
Like the Failed ATF “Fast and Furious”, the DEA is Trying to Track Money They’ve Given to Cartels: HispSpkng
Regime’s latest Fast and Furious claims scuttled by ATF Director’s emails: Coach is RIght

Climate & Energy

EPA: When reality meets bureaucratic inertia: Q&O
Supreme Court justices critical of EPA in wetlands case: CattleNet
Obama vows to back EPA no matter how many jobs it destroys: Fox


Good Grief… 51% of Huntsman Voters are Satisfied With Obama as President: GWP
Angry Moochelle Angry Over “Angry Black Woman” Stereotype: JWF
A Peek Inside the Bitter Half’s Mind: Moonbattery

Tavis & West Radio Show Edits Out Harry Belafonte Criticism of Obama: NB
Axelrod Defends Jeremiah Wright, Says He Was Victim of Selective Editing: BigGovt
Credit Where It’s Due: Washington Post, Los Angeles Times Both Slam Obama’s Foreign Policy Record: BigJourn

Femme-a-gogue Debbie Wasserman Schultz smears Tea Party, exploits Tucson massacre anniversary: Malkin
Stop Scrutinizing Romney, Dammit!: Cold Fury
How Team Romney Will Sell Out Conservatives: Riehl

Did Allen West just get screwed by the Florida GOP?: Shark Tank
A note to the GOP leadership and all the establishment conservatives...: ProWis
Romney Has Lied and Maligned For Years, It's Time He Paid For It: Riehl


2nd Carrier Arrives: CVN 70 Carl Vinson Joins CVN 74 Stennis In Arabian Sea, Off Straits Of Hormuz: ZH
This Jihad’s Jumpin’ / It’s Really Jumpin': Camp o' the Saints
Mercedes-Benz Uses Communist Madman Che Guevara to Sell Luxury Cars: Foundry

Rutherford Arsonists Target Congregation Beth El Rabbi with Molotov Cocktails: Blaze
Defense Spending Is a Shovel-Ready Investment: Hanson
US naval strike group arrives in Arabian Sea as tensions rise with Iran: Fox


SOPA foes warn: Not much time left to act: CNet
Microsoft Bets Big on Kinect for Windows, But Splits Its Community: Wired
Best of CES 2012 Slideshow: NetWorld


I've Come Up With My Slogan For 2012: Sweasel
Lady M Does Damage Control: Watch It Sucka!: MOTUS
Stuff I Like: LG Blast Chiller: Marfdraft

Image: Network World: Corning Gorilla Glass 2
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Rick Santorum for President

QOTD: "Since the days of Herbert Hoover, conservatives have rallied around Republican presidents. Republicans are their guys. No matter that Eisenhower prompted the growing power of Arabism in the Middle East; no matter that Nixon imposed price and wage controls and kowtowed to China; no matter that Reagan raised taxes after cutting them; no matter that George H.W. Bush raised taxes after promising not to; no matter that George W. Bush imposed steel tariffs, created a massive new entitlement program, blew up the education budget and bailed out Wall Street. They were our guys.

And then we wonder why our country has moved to the left. It’s not the fault of the politicians; we can throw the bums out all day long, and it won’t do any good. The answer is more basic: We have to be loyal to principle, not people. Politicians will not save us. We will save ourselves by holding our politicians’ feet to the fire." --Ben Shapiro


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