Thursday, January 05, 2012

Obama fights a two-front war against the U.S. military

Not only is the president gutting America's military, Ron Paul-style, but he appears to be revealing Top Secret material to the fascists who govern Russia.

Bill Gertz of the Washington Times reports that President Barack Obama has indicated he is prepared to convey information about secret American missile defense technology to Russia:

In the president’s signing statement issued Saturday in passing into law the fiscal 2012 defense authorization bill, Mr. Obama said restrictions aimed at protecting top-secret technical data on U.S. Standard Missile-3 velocity burnout parameters might impinge on his constitutional foreign policy authority.

As first disclosed in this space several weeks ago, U.S. officials are planning to provide Moscow with the SM-3 data, despite reservations from security officials who say that doing so could compromise the effectiveness of the system by allowing Russian weapons technicians to counter the missile. The weapons are considered some of the most effective high-speed interceptors in the U.S. missile defense arsenal.

There are also concerns that Russia could share the secret data with China and rogue states such as Iran and North Korea to help their missile programs defeat U.S. missile defenses.

This news comes on the heels of an announcement today that Obama is slashing America's fighting forces.

The cuts are so dramatic that literally tens of thousands of Soldiers and Marines are slated to be axed.

And where are those "savings" going?

Will they to be used to help address America's gaping deficits?

Of course not. They'll be used to fund more of Obama's public sector union boss buddies, through the Department of Education, the Department of Labor and other bloated bureaucracies.

In short, President Obama's priority is gutting America's national security while bankrupting the country. He continues to grow the size and scope of government bureaucracies, with salaries and benefits that are double those in the private sector.

2012 is coming.



I'm surprised he didn't give the specs to the Red Chinese.
Oh, that's right. He gave them the Chevy Volt. What a pal.

Will said...

If you read the following post you have even more reasons to worry: