Friday, January 06, 2012

Oh, you progressives are really going to enjoy the next Republican president...

You Democrats are a short-sighted bunch.

But that goes without saying, I suppose, since your philosophy of Utopianism has failed every time it's been tried throughout all of human history. But, I digress.

The point is that Democrat Congressional leaders are allowing Barack Obama to absolutely shred Constitutional limits on the Executive Branch -- without so much as a whimper -- and it is destined to come back and haunt them.

Consider the following hypothetical situation: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has retired and a seat on the Supreme Court is open.

Late one night, President Santorum declares the Senate in recess. He appoints a new Supreme Court Justice who just happens to be Miguel Estrada, a wonderful originalist judge.

After all, the precedent has been set by Obama. He's declared that the Senate is in recess, when it clearly is not. But don't believe me. Check the Senate's website (which happens to be controlled by Democrats).

Without checks and balances in government, President Obama has established a de facto dictatorship. He's said as much himself.

...when Congress refuses to act, and as a result, hurts our economy and puts our people at risk, then I have an obligation as President to do what I can without them. (Applause.) I’ve got an obligation to act on behalf of the American people. And I’m not going to stand by while a minority in the Senate puts party ideology ahead of the people that we were elected to serve. (Applause.) Not with so much at stake, not at this make-or-break moment for middle-class Americans. We’re not going to let that happen.

In other words, Obama spits on separate-but-equal branches of government. He urinates on the Constitution. And he is quickly, inexorably, transforming this nation into a Banana Republic.

So, liberals: you're going to pay a serious price for your failure to stand up for American laws, traditions and ethics.

You will live to regret tolerating lawless, anti-American behavior that undermines the foundations of this Republic.

Worse yet, Obama's behavior -- and its approval by Congressional leaders like the deplorable Harry Reid and the despicable Nancy Pelosi -- represents a slap in the face of every Marine, Soldier, Sailor and Airman, who take an oath to uphold the Constitution -- and then put their lives on the line to follow through with their sworn oath.

The modern Democrat Party is a lawless bunch that must be removed from office in 2012. At every level of government.

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the Other Ken said...

Except that I can't imagine any Republican making such blatantly unconstitutional maneuvers. Seems unfair somehow.

Duke C said...

His recent appointments are Richard Corday,Indiana D, who was in trouble for using state funds to 'Out' Joe the Plumber, 3 state employees using state databases to trash Joe; Sharon Block and Richard Griffin, NLRB 'Non Recess' appointees, No vetting in the US Senate, Have they filed their federal tax forms? No one knows, another Tim Geitner type scandal.

Christian Patriot III said...

Duke - Codray is a product of Ohio, unfortunately.

Doug - completely agree, except if (and he is) the president is so disconnected from the rule of law (and demonstrated innumerable times) what makes us think we'll have any future honest elections that see a Republican president take the oath of office without first having some major hell-bending to straighten out the corruptocracy we have in DC?

Quite Rightly said...

We can dream.

UpChuck.Liberals said...

It sure would be wonderful if we could ever see Barrys school records. I'd love to see which country's Constitution he was a scholar of. It most certainly wasn't this one.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the next President will take the opportunity to restrain future Presidents from such a manuver, not use Obama's lawlessness to justify his own.

The_Bad said...

"Hopefully the next President will take the opportunity to restrain future Presidents..."

If the Constitution doesn't provide restraint, what will?

clayusmcret said...

Any president, republican or democrat, who presides under the rule of law would not do what obama has done. This article gives one potential result - a very realistic potential result, regardless of the actor - of the precedence which has now been set. The senate in their Pro Formo pattern had only been out of session two of three days when these appointments were made. Does that mean that every holiday weekend offers a president an "out of session" bypass-the-senate appointment?! Also, since I watched the democrats try to lose the Iraq war while I was on the ground there in 07, I wholeheartedly agree with the final line.

Anonymous said...

The truth is that the Republicans in Congress are complicit in allowing Obama to violate our Constitution and are jointly stripping us of our rights.

They do not seem to represent anyone or anything other than their own self interests.

Tell me where our hopes lie in that "august body"? They are not worth a cup of warm spit.


marfdrat said...

I hope it's true that they're voted out at every level. There's just one problem: the Democrats are the party of goodies, and there's a huge portion of the population that has become accustomed to the goodies. They'll continue to vote for the folks that promise more goodies. Those folks say: The Constitution? The rule of law? What's that going to do for me? I want my check.

Anonymous said...

I think the next election is going to be stolen. I think I voted in my last free election in 2008.