Sunday, January 08, 2012

Who's Lying to Who? [Dan from NY]

Dan from NY:

Only two days ago I sent around this story: US: Brotherhood says it won't break Israel treaty.

It had this subhead: State Department says America received private assurances from Islamist party contradicting its public statements on peace.

Today I’m sending around this story: Muslim Brotherhood says will not honor peace treaty with Israel.

It has this subhead: Deputy head of Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party denies comments by U.S. State Department that Brotherhood made guarantees to honor peace deal with Israel.

Frankly, if I had to chose who to believe, Obama’s State Dept. or the Muslim Brotherhood, I’d put my money on the Brotherhood.


Anonymous said...

They're all lying - to us.

Shayne said...

One question that has not been asked, and I'm surprised Netanyahu has not threatened, is whether Israel will reserve the right to retake the Sinai. After all, the treaty was based on Israel relinquishing the Sinai in return for peace.

No peace, no Sinai.

Pedant said...

Should be "Who's lying to whom?"