Saturday, January 07, 2012

Will You be Allowed to Read This in 2016? [Dan from NY]

Dan from NY:

There are many ways a determined president can undermine our freedoms and still go virtually unchallenged, especially when he has the conventional media in his back pocket. For example, I doubt you’ll see a mainstream news outlet follow-up on this important story. Bottom line: If we repeat the mistake we made in 2008 and give a man with hidden agendas four more years in the White House, I hate to think what this great country (and the world) will look like in 2016.


Stonegate Institute, January 6, 2012, by Soeren Kern

U.S., E.U. Spearhead Islamic Bid To Criminalize Free Speech

The European Union has offered to host the next meeting of the so-called Istanbul Process, an aggressive effort by Muslim countries to make it an international crime to criticize Islam... The announcement comes less than one month after the United States hosted its own Istanbul Process conference in Washington, DC.

The Istanbul Process – its explicit aim is to enshrine in international law a global ban on all critical scrutiny of Islam and/or Islamic Sharia law – is being spearheaded by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), a bloc of 57 Muslim countries.

Based in Saudi Arabia, the OIC has long pressed the European Union and the United States to impose limits on free speech and expression about Islam.

But the OIC has now redoubled its efforts and is engaged in a determined diplomatic offensive to persuade Western democracies to implement United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) Resolution 16/18, which calls on all countries to combat "intolerance, negative stereotyping and stigmatization of … religion and belief." (Analysis of the OIC's war on free speech can be found here and here.)

Resolution 16/18, which was adopted at HRC headquarters in Geneva in March 2011, is widely viewed as a significant step forward in OIC efforts to advance the international legal concept of defaming Islam.

However, the HRC resolution – as well as the OIC-sponsored Resolution 66/167, which was quietly approved by the 193-member UN General Assembly on December 19, 2011 – remains ineffectual as long as it lacks strong support in the West.

The OIC therefore scored a diplomatic coup when the Obama Administration agreed to host a three-day Istanbul Process conference in Washington, DC on December 12-14, 2011. In doing so, the United States gave the OIC the political legitimacy it has been seeking to globalize its initiative to ban criticism of Islam.

If there's any pillar of this republic that the Obama administration isn't feverishly undermining, I have yet to hear of it.

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Reliapundit said...

not only will u not be able to read it...

the author will be detained indefinitely...

Will said...

“I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

Obama today congratulating the Copts with their Christmas.
"“I want to reaffirm the commitment of the United States to work for the protection of Christian and other religious minorities”

Hmmmm….’Christians and other religious minorities’ who’s the majority religion according to president Obama?