Saturday, June 08, 2013

Checking back in with the survivors of the Boston Marathon bombings

People Magazine's Kristen Mascia (subscription required) circles back with several survivors of the Boston Marathon bombings:

When they met on April 15 on their way to the hospital, Roseann Sdoia and Marc Fucarile were both fighting for their lives.

"She kept me awake, telling me to focus on my fiancée and my kid," says Fucarile, who lost his right leg that day.

They're still turning to each other, like so many of their fellow survivors – whom PEOPLE photographed on May 30 at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Charlestown, Mass.

"Marc and his family will be in my life forever," says Sdoia, who also lost a leg. "The new friends I've made, they're all amazing. I'm thankful for them."

Mery Daniel shares that spirit. "I choose to focus on the positive," she says. "I'm happy to be alive."

Bless all of these folks and their families.

But seemingly lost among the series of scandals swirling around the Obama administration is the Marathon bombing:

Despite being warned -- repeatedly -- by foreign intelligence services that the Tsarnaev brothers were likely Jihadists bent on terror attacks in the U.S., the Holder Justice Department did nothing.

Perhaps that was related to the bizarre directives, beginning in 2009, to scrub all connections between Islamists and terrorism from law enforcement training material.

In October 2011, 57 Islamic groups wrote a letter to John O. Brennan, now CIA director, but then President Obama’s chief counterterrorism adviser. Citing news reports, the groups complained of “biased, false and highly offensive training materials about Muslims and Islam” inside the federal government’s instructional halls...

...The White House issued an edict to scrub all law enforcement, intelligence and military teachings on Islam. The FBI ended up discarding pages of information that warned about the threat from the Brotherhood.

Consider for a moment: the myriad of scandals swirling around President Obama -- Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS targeting of political opponents, the wiretaps of the Associated Press, the James Rosen debacle, and many, many more -- all appear related to suppressing the American people. At the same time, illegal aliens and Islamists are welcomed with open arms by the administration.

There is something fundamentally broken in America.

Hat tip: BadBlue Fame: Real-Time Entertainment News.


Anonymous said...

Eh, only 3 more years of jug ears, the wookie and Mrs. Robinson.
I suppose what the list forgets is that dRATS intend to politically crush opposition for they think it their divine right to continue inhabiting the halls of power. A few more percentage points for the mofolofo's as they double down on Americans and nobody will be able to overcome the new voter block, the 55 percenters.

Doom said...

Say what you like, but even our bombing victims look decent. Everywhere else in the world bombing victims look like it for the rest of their lives. Then again, non-bombing victioms in 2/3rds of the world look like they HAVE been bombed... Oh well. That gig is over. As noted in my reply to Anon.


Already too late to change that. If who is allowed to vote doesn't change, then the demographic bomb has gone off and there is no way to fix it. Well, save for the final collapse of the socio-economic era which we once called American exceptionalism. Then it's a game of who gets power and keeps it, and how. And what to do with the losers, whoever wins.

rumcrook™ said...

we are all terrorists now.

it started when our government refused to acknowledge who wanted to make war on us. islam and muslims practicing jihhad.

instead they decided to frisk little blue haired grandmothers, women with mastectomies, children.... we were all potential terrorists they told us. it wasnt right to just look at muslims.

then they opened the immigration flood gates to muslims and since 911 the muslim population in the U.S. has grown exponentially.

and with it we have imported our own killers, but neigh do not be alarmed by 1400 years of savage behavior by islam and muslims, ignore it and instead collect every phone call from every american and focus our governments tender mercies on tea party groups. we are all terrorists now. the left showed a long time ago that they lack any ability to differentiate between fantasy and reality when it comes to existential threats.

first comes hating traditionalists, conservatives, in america then comes desire for absolute power, then comes faux crisis like globull warming way down on the list is awareness of actual threats from actual demented people practicing a blood thirsty suedo religion

Anonymous said...

This picture of survivors is from the Onion, right? As much as I admire their pluck, and the skill of Physicians, America is in trouble when it trumpets survivor stories and hottie reports of bombers instead of headers that herald the justice meted out to perps, their networks and how we deported all of their families.
But, I suppose allowing the press to paint our reality goes hand in hand with apology tours.