Saturday, June 01, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Holder Affidavit Indicated Possible Prosecution of Rosen

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Holder Affidavit Indicated Possible Prosecution of Rosen: Keith Koffler
Ted Cruz Demands Eric Holder's Resignation: John Hawkins
IRS Ignores Senate Deadline to Answer Questions About Scandal: Joel Pollak

Amnesty Insanity: Doing the Same Thing and Expecting a Better Result: Foundry
Conservatives no longer suffering government intimidation in isolation: LI
Black Louisiana Democrat assails party, joins GOP: Guy Benson

Mark Levin: I dropped my jaw when I saw this story today: Scoop
Obamacare as Democrats' private piggy bank to fund political causes?: John Lott
IRS collects docs from 88 employees in investigation: Dana Bash

Incrementalism, Class Warfare and the End Game of Federal Student Loans: AllAm
IRS targeting of conservatives may go beyond tax-exempt applications: Ed Morrissey
Islamists, Leftists Bully College Republicans Out Of Their Own Event: Strimedia


Congressional Budget Office Should Forecast Long-Term Cost of Amnesty: Foundry
Shocked Face: Paul Krugman Was Wrong Again: Stephen Kruiser
IRS Wastes Millions on Unneeded, Unused Mobile Devices, Audit Finds: Michael Tennant

Trustees Report Shows Entitlement Reform Urgently Needed: Sean Hackbarth
The IRS Is Coming for Your Health Insurance Records: Foundry
AP's Meme on Job Growth Ignores April Dive in Total Hours Worked: Tom Blumer

Scandal Central

The Top Twenty Obama Administration Scandals: Dossier
DHS Loses Hundreds of Dangerous Foreigners with Expired Visas: JW
Q&A on Scandals and Eric Holder: Foundry

Former Obama Aides Cashing In: WZ
Not News: Obama Authors Emails Sent by (Formerly?) ‘Non-Partisan’ Organizing For Action: BizzyBlog
Former Obama advisers cashing in on White House résumés: Jake Tapper

Climate & Energy

FAIL: Environmentalists Promised Massive Outpouring of Opposition to Keystone Pipeline: Tatler
Europe Facing "A Year Without A Summer," As It Last Did in 1816: Ace
Democrat Congressman: Keystone Pipeline Bad Because… Wait For It... Rocks Sink: Bryan Preston

Could it be that CO2 has NOTHING whatsoever to do with the earth’s temperature?: Bookworm
Hillary SuperPAC Led by Radical Enviro-Kook and Sweatshop Owning Giffords Lawyer: Daniel Greenfield
Unbelievable Storm Chaser Video Takes You as Close to a Tornado as You’ll Ever Want to Be: Blaze


Meet the Islamists Who’ve Infiltrated the Media: Creeping
On or Off the Record, Obama Administration is in Damage Control Mode: Roger Aronoff
#FreeKate Update: Could Someone Please Report this “Libelous Post?”: Hideout

Rep. Danny Davis’ Socialist, Communist Ties: Some of What You’ll Find in “The Enemies Within”: Loudon
Fast & Furiously stupid: JPA
RECALL: Sheriff Joe WON, Loser leftists ZERO: Scoop

Why is the Benghazi military story still classified?: Byron York
Busted: Brit Hume spells out case against Eric Holder in one tweet: Twitchy
What does Paul Krugman think he gains from his rudeness?: Timothy P. Carney


University introduces "blasphemy law" for fear of Muslim violence: Commentator
Don't Cry For Me, America: Comparing Argentina And The United States: Forbes
Egypt: Coptic Christian child murdered and dumped in sewer: JihadWatch

Obama’s Defense Policy Speech Was Untrue, Incoherent, Foolish, and Dangerous: Col. Tom Snodgrass (Ret.)
Another American Freed from Unjust Imprisonment in Mexico: Tatler
Pentagon Confirms Purchase of Russian Helicopters for Afghan Military: Loudon


As TV Falls Apart, Tumblr And Twitter Aim To Pick Up The Pieces: Crunch
Google must obey FBI's warrantless requests for user data for now, judge rules: Verge
Oculus VR Co-Founder Andrew Scott Reisse Killed At 33, The Victim Of A Hit-And-Run: TechCrunch


How Barack Obama and Rock Hudson Are Alike: HillBuzz
Perspective: Ace
Tornadoes Suck Mom and Baby Out of Car, Strangers Huddle In Freezers: ABC

Image: ABC Oklahoma City
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QOTD: '“As of this day, I join Frederick Douglass as a Republican” the 68-year-old [Louisiana State Senator Elbert] Guillory said as he wrapped up a speech blistering the Democratic Party. The move is a return to Republican Party registration for Guillory. “Today the party of disappointment has moved away from the majority of Louisiana. They have moved away from traditional values of most Americans,” Guillory said in prepared remarks. “They have left us behind on crucial issues like abortion, vouchers, 2nd Amendment rights, union control of public jobs, school prayer, family issues.” Guillory said the biggest disappointment for him has been the party’s role in the breakdown of families. “Their support of dependency over self-reliance, of everything but traditional marriage, of abortion on demand, their policies have encouraged the high teen birth rates, high school drop out rates, high incarceration rates and very high unemployment rates,” said Guillory. “Our self-initiative and self-reliance are sacrificed in exchange for votes for the party of disappointment. The list of disappointments is long,” said Guillory, noting “the lies and cover-up at Benghazi, the IRS harassing the tea party and wiretapping and spying on reporters.” He decried federal Democratic initiatives to stop drilling after the BP disaster as well as efforts to “confiscate all guns.”' --Guy Benson, "Black Louisiana Democrat assails party, joins GOP"

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You know this is a rather disturbing thought:

With the Left’s agenda is mainly based on LIES, wouldn’t it follow that they will soon be clamping down on the right of free speech, lest those lies be exposed?

The check on governmental power afforded by the freedom of the press has been negated with the corruption of the MSM. We cannot depend on them to call out the false narratives and outright lies by the administration. In fact we can depend on them to do =everything they can to cover for government in this regard.