Wednesday, January 08, 2014

A Plan for Dealing With John Boehner

Originally posted on 24 July 2013, I am republishing this as we find out more about the Amnesty bill the GOP Establishment wants to ram down our throats. Such an action would prove triply suicidal for the RNC as it would: (a) destroy what little unity exists between the conservative base (which makes up the majority of the Republican grassroots) and the old guard; (b) hand Barack Obama a stunning victory on the heels of the Obamacare debacle; and (c) prove once and for all that the Beltway Ruling Class is bought and paid for by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the rest of the corporatists.

I think we can all agree that John Boehner is a complete and utter failure as House Speaker. Marble-mouthed, unprincipled, double-dealing and cowardly are among the more positive attributes I can think of. Consider the man's actions over the two-and-a-half years that have elapsed since the Tea Party movement and Constitutional Conservatives brought him to power:

• Despite an unprecedented series of White House scandals -- including, but not limited to gun-running to Mexican drug cartels, the Benghazi cover-up, IRS-gate, and repeated perjurious testimony to Congress -- John Boehner refuses to name a Select Investigative Committee or demand a Special Prosecutor.

• In fact, in the case of the Benghazi cover-up, even though 75 percent of House Republicans want a Select Committee formed, Boehner refuses. That's right: John Boehner refuses to name a Special Committee on Benghazi, with dedicated budget, resources and staff -- and won't even tell us why.

• And what could be the reason? Some have speculated that Boehner has secretly cut a deal with Democrats in exchange for, well, who knows? Suffice it to say that if John Boehner is negotiating for you, you're going to walk out of the room wearing only your underwear. My guess is he really has cut a secret deal with Obama and Reid, perhaps regarding the debt ceiling or some other act of surrender that sells out the American people in exchange for his consolidation of more power.

• And what is John Boehner's top priority right now? That's right: Amnesty. Legalizing tens of millions of illegal aliens, which we know for a fact will vote by a stunning 8-to-1 margin for Democrats. Brilliant.

• As for de-funding Obamacare? That, too, Boehner refuses to do, instead holding fan-dance votes to repeal Obamacare, knowing that said bills will never see the light of day in the Senate. The Constitution grants the House of Representatives the power of the purse. Boehner could de-fund Obamacare -- completely -- if he wished, letting Obama try to rally support for his despotic and failed testament to central planning. But this Boehner will not do, because it requires brains, courage, principles and cojones.

So what do we do about John Boehner?

While there are grassroots efforts emerging to primary Boehner in Ohio's 8th District -- and we wish them all possible success -- the time has come to consider an alternative plan. A nuclear option, if you will.

Assuming that Boehner wins his primary in OH-8, I suggest we rally support among Tea Party and Constitutional Conservatives in that district to vote. To vote Democrat.

That single seat has virtually no chance of swinging the majority in the House one way or the other. A newly elected Democrat in that very Red seat will be a back-bencher and virtually powerless. This will give time to the district (and it is a very conservative district by all accounts) to assemble a credible candidate should one not emerge in 2014.

I would never advocate such a tactic in the Senate even though Mitch McConnell is Boehner-lite. In the Senate the odds of taking majority control are simply too tempting to chance returning the dimwitted crackpot from Searchlight, Nevada to a seat of power.

But Boehner, on the other hand, is such an egregious failure, such a cowardly and un-principled operator, that he must be ripped out of the Speaker's chair by any means necessary.

Let's see what happens in OH-8, but I suggest we fund and vociferously support any -- and I do mean any -- Boehner opponent. Enough is enough.


MacAoidh said...

Boehner's motivation on Benghazi isn't all that elaborate. Everything our government was doing there had to go through congressional oversight, and he would have been in on it. So if the full story were to come out, the public would be horrified - and Boehner's career would be over.

Thus on Benghazi, Boehner's interests coincide with Obama's and Hillary's.

Anonymous said...

Barry has something on him I'd bet. Hussein used all that snooping and listening to neuter key opponents. said...

Boehner is not a mere failure. Mere incompetence is not his only problem.

He is a coward.

He is a backstabber.

He is a traitor to those who voted him in.

He has allowed himself to surrender to extortion and has sacrificed his nation for his own pathetic ass.

steve said...


Anonymous said...

I love that idea-Boehner is a frigging disaster. And Cantor and McCarthy are no different.

Anonymous said...

I've pretty much come to that conclusion a while ago when it comes to the entire repubic party, with very few exceptions.

With all due respect to President Reagan:

"I did not leave the republican party, the republican party left me."

I am done, finished. I will not be apart of the destruction of the Country. Bastards!


Anonymous said...

Geo, as bad as the republicans are the democrats are worse. Never forget the democrats gave us Obamacare all on their own. I agree Boehner is a disaster and it is widely reported he is a drinker, we can only hope his state can see this too. There must be someone in Ohio that can beat him.
We have Obama for another 4 years because people felt like you and didn't go vote for a republican. They stayed home or voted for a 3rd person that received very few votes. In the end we got Obama for another 4.
I beseech you to think real hard in 2014 & 16 not to make the same mistake. Until We the people start getting united we will win nothing and then one day we will have nothing. A big mistake. I personally feel like you do about the republican party. but we can't stop trying to make changes or they will destroy America. Do you really want that?

Steve in Greensboro said...

Fully agree. Assuming the primary challenge fails, Republicans should vote Democrat in the general, no just for Boehner, but for the other amnesty-traitors up for election this cycle: Lindsay Graham, Lamar Alexander, Susan Collins, Paul Ryan, et al.

As they said about Admiral Byng, we need to terminate a few to encourage the others.

Anonymous said...

lesstressrx, I wish I could agree with you, but I've been holding my nose and "settling" on rino repubic's for a eternity.

Boner is only symbolically a part of the problem, the disease is rampant throughout the entire party. The '10 wave elections has proven that the party isn't worth any more time or investment. They systematically beheaded every Tea Party representative who was elected.

If they think that what swung the election in '12 was party voters staying away, they had better watch what happens if/when they pass amnesty that will destroy the party and the Country.

The party elitist who have betrayed their values and us are about to get a rude awakening. Boehner, McConnell, McLame, Lindsey Lohan Graham, Flake, Rubio, Ryan, Rove, Bush's, Martinez, Coleman and the rest.

They have stood by and watched the Constitution get shredded and have done nothing. Are inept in conducting any legitimate investigation into any scandal that surrounds this bunch of thugs. Phony scandals? The death of Americans and us standing by and doing nothing, isn't phony and the keystone cops [repubics] aren't able to do anything about it.

Sorry, I for one am finished. The party that keeps providing the Ford's, Doles, Bush41, Mclame's, Romney's who keep getting their collective asses kicked and then claim "we" have to moderate and surrender our values. . . .are dead to me.

When the republican Leader goes MIA during one of the most important debate in recent memory, then pops up when it's finally clear that he can cast his symbolic "No" vote is finished. When Schmucky is now writing the platforms of the republican party and the minions gleefully follow you can count me out.

In short, I am done, finished with these traitorous, rino, rat bastards they are no better than the others. I have held my nose and pulled a lever for the last time.

Bon Appetite gop!


Anonymous said...

There is an article where Dems say they are not going to attack Boehner because he is good are working with them. The Dems may not even field a candidate against him because they like him. Ugh.
@JDWinteregg: The problem with that idea: You know there's an issue when the Dems want to KEEP him! #Fireboehner

K-Bob said...

Mark Levin mentioned this post, and said Doug is a really sharp guy.

Or something like that.

I concur.

Well done, Doug!

Anonymous said...

Fire the whole damned bunch and lets takeover the country...WH...throw them all in jail cells, let them rot...We The the country. I. WISH!!

Anonymous said...

If Weiner either backs out or loses the NYC Mayoral election maybe he can be encouraged to run. Hey, it would be a lateral move replacing one wiener with another.

Anonymous said...

Please keep us updated on primary challengers or Democrat challengers. Those of us who do not live in Ohio can still send money!

Anonymous said...

I feel that the Chicago mafia has every skeleton of every legislative and judicial person in the country and is holding it over their head hence Roberts and Obamacare and the total lack of opposition in Congress except for noise. We know most politicians have many skeletons.

Anonymous said...

Don't just vote for a democrat.

Never, just hand your enemies a victory. Vote for the most conservative there is to run against Boehner. If you have to, write the conservatives in.

If it works, you've won! If not. Boehners out which is still a win.

If you lose you'll wind up with a Democrat, but, what's the difference between Boehner and a Democrat. Other than, ones a traitor to freedom and the other is an enemy to it.

Anonymous said...

LOL Oh My God!!!! The Democrat's have invaded this web site.

This IS the INTERNET. Democrat's CAN Post as Republican's, and vice versa.

Unless the line is secure, and you have a known member list,and only then are you sure who is who.

Anonymous said...

I'd vote 'rat to get rid of McConnell, Graham, Cantor, McCarthy, King, Ryan.... But major kudos to you Doug on advocating that something actually be done.

K-Bob said...

The funny thing is, a caller brought this idea up independently in the week or so before Christmas, and Levin slapped him down for it.

So it's a good strategy, but don't bring it up on the air, I guess.

I understand those guys need to project a sense of defensiveness over the Republican party. I get that. But we don't owe that party a damned thing.

Especially after the last 13 years.

Anonymous said...

boehner forgets the teaparty gave him the ticket to be speaker... If rinos boehner ryan pass amnesty I will not vote nor give money to rinos in 2014

Anonymous said...

Better to vote democrat to get America to collapse quickly .. than let the republicans doing the same thing slowly

Anonymous said...

Oh Brother!! you folks don't understand the issue at all.

Or what's going on.
All I'm watching is the Democrats deleting out their involvement AGAINST illegal immigration.

All the way from 2000-2006 on the INTERNET, the democrat's ARE deleting out information.

Anonymous said...

My Plan is to take away his booze send him a pair of TESTICLES
He will go CrAzY trying to figure out what to do!

Anonymous said...

Best Idea I've heard yet. I'll do it. To blazes with you, boehner. Goodbye!

The spam-catcher below says "type the text to prove you're not a robot." Ha. If I can guess that text, I'll call myself a psychic. Come on, folks, be reasonable.

Anonymous said...

Assuming Johnny wins the primary, what about recruiting an unaffiliated candidate to run in the general? If the Dems opt not to run against Boehner, an unaffiliated candidate would be the only option and if they did, instead of voting D you could vote for an independent and peel off enough votes from Johnny?

Anonymous said...

Let's hope he doesn't make it past the May primary.

Gurr is against amnesty, against immigration "reform".

MattG said...

Smart idea! Everyone that does this is essentially casting two votes instead of one. Taking one away from Boehner and giving another one to the democrat making it a net gain of two. It wouldn't take too many doing this for him to lose.