Sunday, January 01, 2012

What could go wrong? Dennis Rodman recruiting for his new topless women's basketball team

I can't wait to find out the name of the team (and feel free to propose some in the comments and I'll be sure to relay them to the Rod-man):

Dennis Rodman is bouncing back into basketball — this time as a coach for a topless women’s team he’s launching for Headquarters Gentlemen’s Club, the New York mammary mecca. [Ed: "mammary mecca"? If we're going to do alliteration, how about "boob bazaar"?]

The NBA bad boy dreamed up the team after hearing that rival strip joint Rick’s Cabaret had launched a league with former Atlanta Hawk Spud Webb, who runs the Texas Legends, an NBA Development League team. Rodman is even challenging Rick’s Cabaret’s topless team to a charity game.

I don’t know too many men that don’t like a good-looking woman running up and down around the court,” Rodman told Page Six. [Ed: Word.]

Rodman, who told us he’s been a Headquarters customer for more than 30 years, is currently scouting for talent. He’ll be holding auditions next week at the jiggle joint for girls over 5-foot-10 to join the team.

“You don’t have to have too much experience, just know how to throw the ball into the hole,” was his sterling advice to hopefuls... Rodman said he also planned auditioning “players” during his appearance at Huntington, LI, club Paramount last night.

Team members will wear shorts, skimpy shirts and sneakers during games. “They’ll come out in a T-shirt or a tank top, but when the game starts, they’ll go topless,” Rodman boasted.

I'll be honest: this idea is a winner. And with a "Level 5 Leader" like Rodman at the helm, there's virtually nothing that can go wrong.

Image: Based upon an original found at Fark.


Anonymous said...

A piece of shit exploits women - this is news?

Doom said...

Hey, perhaps he could finish out Zero's term?

While it is true that women are exploited, and easily exploitable, until we flush feminism, that is the price. Without the family to moderately watch/protect, what protection does the replacement family, that is the government, offer? Precisely.

Proof said...

What is his stand on nursing mothers? Last time I looked, double dribbling wasn't allowed on the court...

Shayne said...

Oh, mammary!