Sunday, September 11, 2016

10 Pictures of Hillary Clinton Wobbling and Then Collapsing Today That Legacy Media Will Never Show You

They now claim it's "pneumonia", but Hillary has had a longstanding and persistent cough that has defied treatment and couldn't possibly be a months-long case of walking pneumonia.

In short, Hillary is very ill. She can't stand up without supporting herself using railings, stools, tables, chairs, her mysterious Epipen-equipped handler, and -- of course -- Huma Abedin.

Her latest health scare involved collapsing into her wheelchair lift-equipped van, nearly knocking herself out.

Of course, the media are doing their level best to cover it up.

Via Mike Cernovich, I've come across two separate videos that show Hillary wobbling twice, unable to support herself and finally collapsing. The snapshots are quite telling:

Here's another angle:

As Bill Clinton has admitted, Hillary's health problems are "very serious."

His wife appears to have little to no muscular strength, exceedingly poor balance and coordination, and -- worst of all -- a pathological disease called "Liar-itis".

Hat tip: BadBlue Real-Time News.


Anonymous said...

They are now saying that Hill was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, they never mentioned anything about it. Remember on friday she had her big pow-wow with all of those national security experts. Then she had her fundraiser with her elitist pals who all had a chuckle with her deplorables line.

So it just begs the question.....when did she have her examination with her doctor when she diagnosed her pneumonia? I've never seen anyone recover from dehydration as quickly as Hill has. Within a span of about 2 hours.

I don't believe any of it.


DavidD said...

In one video, it seemed that she was being carried--the soles of her shoes were visible.

I blame FDR. He could have done much to improve public perception of the handicapped if he had let the world see that he needed a wheelchair to get around and could barely manage to move upright even using two canes.

Anonymous said...

You just pay no never mind honey child, take care of yourself, get better, and we'll see you on November 6th.

Anonymous said...

If her pneumonia was that bad, she would be on IV antibiotics in a hospital.

Anonymous said...

Hillary will a Sen Tongas,,, pass away after losing election

Anonymous said...

Hillary much sicker than media wants to let on....will she collapse on campaign causing a rush to hospital ??

Anonymous said...

Shame on assswipe Never Trumpers like Sasse ,Bill Kristol for Supporting Hillary. Trump voters will remember those Never trumpers after election

GregMan said...

She was dragging her left foot on the ground while stepping with her right foot. That almost looks like a stroke. Scary.

Anonymous said...

Where are the Never Trump Sasse ,Kirk ,Susan Collins Now ?? supporting A broken Down Hillary ...LOL Fools

Anonymous said...

HILARIOUS!!! The video Hillary Clinton Does Not Want You To See. Must Watch! Hillary Clinton tried to ban this video! But Hillary Can't Hide THIS Anymore!'t-Want-You-To-Know