Saturday, September 03, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Impeach James Comey; Last Chance to Send Hillary Anonymous Bribes

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Impeach James Comey: Ace
Hillary to Foreign Donors: Last Chance to Send Me Anonymous Bribes: Daniel Greenfield
Majority of Women Have Unfavorable View of Hillary: MB

Driving Miss Soros: Doug Mainwaring
Clinton Taking Heat For Her Run-Out-The-Clock Strategy: William Teach
Helpless Hillary: Charlotte Hays

Only On the Hard Left: Goofy Dreams of a Borderless World: Elephants
Rahm letting a crisis go to waste: Chiraq passes 2015 murder total: Marathon
Really Disappointing: The FBI’s Conduct of the Interview with Hillary Clinton: Jenny North

9 Questions: Hillary, Mills, and the FBI Labor Day Document Dump: Melissa Clouthier
Hillary's Benghazi emails reveal she forgot dead ambassador to Libya's name: DailyMail
CNN: Clinton Told FBI She Didn’t Recall 39 Times: David Rutz


The Sinister Side of a Cashless Society: Jeffrey Folks
Republicans Offer Different Reason To Vote Trump: William Teach
Loony: Minnesota ObamaCare rates to skyrocket by 36% to 67%: Ed Morrissey

Scandal Central

The "Oh S***" Moment: Hillary Wiped Server With BleachBit Despite Subpoena: ZH
Completely Improper: FBI Interviewed Hillary With Her “Fixer” Cheryl Mills By Her Side: WZ
FBI: Hillary Clinton Lost Cell Phones with Classified Emails: Joel B. Pollak

FBI Releases Clinton Email Investigation Files: Morgan Chalfant
FBI: Hillary Clinton Lost Cell Phones with Classified Emails: Joel B. Pollak
FBI files show Clinton claimed ignorance on classification: Fox

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Justin Trudeau silent about China’s massive “carbon footprint”: Ezzra Levant
Earthquake Shakes Swath of Midwest From Nebraska to Texas: AP


A Psycho Election: Anxiety vs. Depression: Stuart Schneiderman
The U.S. will lose all moral authority with Hillary as president: The Meisters
ABC Touts How 'Careless' Hillary Clinton Was With Classified Material: Matthew Balan


Large clash between locals and asylum seekers in Finland: SPEISA
Maybe President Pena-Nieto senses a Trump victory coming: Silvio Canto, Jr.
Putin calls DNC hack public service, denies Russia's involvement: Fox

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The pen is not mightier than the robot: William Watterson
Here come 'Awareness of Things' gadgets: Mike Elgan
The Microscopic Beauty of a Water Splatter: Ernie Mastroianni


Hammering it Home: MOTUS
Hillay pwned: C&S
Authenticity in virtue signalling: Sondrakistan

Image: Hammering it Home
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QOTD: "On March 25, 2015, the Undisclosed [Platte River Networks] Staff Member had a "conference call with President Clinton's staff." Apparently, in the days following that call, the Undisclosed PRN Staff Member had an "'oh s***' moment" when he realized he had forgotten to wipe the PRN server clean as he had been instructed to do back in December by Cheryl Mills.

Therefore, sometime within the 6 days after a call with "President Clinton's Staff," that PRN server was wiped clean using BleachBit despite the subpoena from the House Select Committee on Benghazi received weeks earlier on March 4, 2016.

And, of course, the Undisclosed PRN Staff Member is the only person responsible for the deletion as Mills, Hillary, President Clinton's Office were all blissfully unaware of the actions of their rogue IT guy of Platte River Networks in Denver, Colorado.

Ironically, the rogue IT guy from PRN even admits to deleting the emails even though he "was aware of the existence of the preservation request and the fact that it meant he should not disturb Clinton's e-mail data on the PRN server."" --Tyler Durden


Anonymous said...

"The U.S. will lose all moral authority with Hillary as president"

Moral authority?---Hell, criminality will skyrocket within the country if Hillary is rewarded with breaking the law. Without the rule of law, our society is doomed. Everyone will start breaking the law if there are no consequences.

Anonymous said...

Obama as already sacrificed moral authority.

Even NPR is reporting on the disrespect from China.