Monday, September 26, 2016

There aren't any riots in Oklahoma because it's not a swing state

By Rush Limbaugh

In North Carolina, in Charlotte, where you had an African-American cop (who, you look at this guy's resume, this guy's awesome, by the way) and you had an African-American perp, and immediately the Nation of Islam guy comes out and says, "We need to boycott all white businesses and all white stores."

Wait a minute, no whites involved here, and yet two nights of terror and one night of peace and calm.

But nothing in Oklahoma, nothing, where there actually is a racial component to what happened. Now, the cop has been charged, what, manslaughter? Yeah, first degree manslaughter, but in past incidents that hasn't appeased anybody. So, pop quiz. Why are the civil rights crowds and the Black Lives Matter groups and the people loyal to the Reverend Jackson, why aren't they in Oklahoma? Why aren't they raising hell in Oklahoma and why are they raising hell in North Carolina, where there isn't a racial component?

Oh, that's right: Oklahoma is gone. Oklahoma is in the Trump camp. There's no reason to spend any time or money there. North Carolina, Hillary's in trouble, they need the black turnout, proving all of this is -- you know, I'm gonna tell you something. I'm gonna be accused of insensitivity. From the moment this started, I felt a lot of it was -- well, I know it's ginned up because there isn't a racial component here.

We are all the victims of a narrative that was created here, which is designed to make everybody think our country's falling apart and the racial divide is unhealable and all this, and this whole thing's manufactured. I don't doubt the family's upset, don't misunderstand. But the proportion, the sense of proportion is way, way out of whack. Especially when you have a comparative event in Oklahoma and they're yawning about it.

I mean, Black Lives Matter and civil rights coalition, if you don't think this is political, then you've got to learn how to see these things because everything the Democrat Party and the left are involved in becomes politicized and thus becomes corrupted.

Did you see that 70% of the people arrested last night North Carolina are from out of state, just like Ferguson, just like Baltimore, 70% out of state?

Remember, in Tulsa we had a white female cop shoot a black suspect, now being charged with first-degree manslaughter, and there's not a single Black Lives Matter protest that's gone on in Tulsa. Not one.

In Charlotte we had a black cop shoot a black suspect, circumstances are still cloudy. And Black Lives Matter, they're all over North Carolina. There's not even a racial component. And yet three nights of protest, two of them pretty raucous, curfews, fires, looting, all of this stuff, why nothing in Oklahoma?

If this doesn't prove to you that all of this is political. It's about the African-American turnout in North Carolina. Oklahoma's gone. It's in the Trump camp. They vote Republican; there's no hope. North Carolina still up for grabs. Seventy percent of the people arrested from out of state in Charlotte, North Carolina.



commoncents said...

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Anonymous said...

Same goes for the bathroom law nonsense. Many states have similar laws, but none that have a republican governor up for re-election and none that are presidential battleground states.