Monday, September 19, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: 5 Men In Arab Garb Detained in NY En Route to Airport, More Bombs in NJ

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5 Men In Arab Garb Detained in NY En Route to Airport, More Bombs in NJ: Treehouse
Heroic cop Jason Falconer stopped the St. Cloud jihadist: Chris Pandolfo
NY, NJ bombings: Authorities suspect possible terror cell, official says: CNN

The Certainty Of Disaster Rides With A Hillary Presidency: Dave King
Yes, it's terrorism. Ditch the bizarre verbal contortions and say it.: Dan Bongino
Source: NY and NJ Bomb signatures “nearly identical”: Doug Hagmann

Washington's Endgame: First Your Guns, Then Your Cash?: Dan Joppich
On Its 229th Birthday, Our Constitution Hangs by a Thread: Ken Klukowski
Rep. Chaffetz follows the Clinton 'Email Trail': Full Measure

The Truth About the NY and NJ Bombings (and the MN Mall Attack): We Are At War: Oathkeepers
St. Cloud ISIS Terrorist Identified: Dahir Adan – Knifed 9 People: Jim Hoft
Knife-wielding attacker (who injured 9) in St. Cloud mall was a Somali: Ann Corcoran

Black voters are turning from Clinton to Trump in new poll: Mary Kay Linge
Hillary’s Fall: Specs, Lies and Videotape: Matt Barber
5 Questioned by FBI as 1 of 5 Devices Explodes Amid Police Robot Probe: NBC-4 NY

Could a Terror Attack Elect Donald Trump?: John Avlon
Hunt for Clues in 'Intentional' Chelsea Explosion That Hurt 29: NBC-4 NY
Latino Activist Who Criticized Trump Comments on Mexican Rapists, Arrested for Rape: Sara Noble

Scandal Central

Inside the scramble to cover up Clinton’s private email server: Isabel Vincent and Melissa Klein, Post
U.S. made wire payments to Iran before and after cash payment linked to prisoner release: John Sexton
Obama Admin ‘Laundered’ U.S. Cash to Iran Via N.Y. Fed, Euro Banks: Adam Kredo

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Explosions in NJ & NYC, stabbing spree in MN, sure to get many focused on climate change : Doug Powers
L.A. Times climate science denial article shows Times clearly denying well-established climate science: WUWT


Amazon reviewers trash Hillary's new book: Don Surber
Sally Kohn earns herself a place in the Marxist Moron Hall of Shame: Daily Gator
Debate Rules Being Set by Hillary Donors: Brendan Kirby

Hillary Says “Bombings In New York” – 40 Seconds Later Criticizes Use of Word “Bombing”: Treehouse
Chelsea: My Mom Thinks It Is "Important" to Extend ObamaCare to Cover Illegal Immigrants: LifeNews
Vile: What Obama said and did during St. Cloud stabbings will make you sick: Twitchy

Shots Fired! Priebus Just Threatened Kasich: RedStateWatcher
Obama Jokes About ISIS On The Day America Is Bombed Twice: Tiffiny Ruegner
Deportation more popular than Trump is: Epigone


Coming your way from the UN: Obama, King of the World: Judi McLeod
Gitmo Terrorists: Released, Not Reformed: WeaponsMan
‘There will be more’: Chilling 911 call after the Chelsea explosion: Post

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

US Army developing first new hand grenade in 40 years: David Szondy
Review: the Mazda MX-5 Icon edition: Stephen Dobie
The Chinese City That Exports All Your Plastic Crap: Sophie Weiner


If You Respect America, Find Something Else to Do Sunday Afternoons #FTNFL: MB
Hillary’s Five Phobia Hydra: MOTUS
When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro: Sondrakistan

Image: Inside the scramble to cover up Clinton’s private email server
Sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "It’s almost tragic to witness. Hillary Clinton has lived her entire life for this moment. Everything she’s ever done or said, and the mounding piles of lecherous BS she’s put up with from her sexually predatory partner-in-crime, has been designed to place her in the Oval Office, not as first lady, but as president of the United States. Proverbs 19:21 says, “Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.”

Am I saying there’s no chance Hillary Clinton will win? Not at all, though I think it unlikely. Between her devoted media harpies, her team of around-the-clock doctors and a campaign staff well versed in the practice of propaganda and cover-up, there’s always a chance they might just literally carry her over the finish line to victory.

Still, it remains my humble prayer that this past week signals the beginning of the end for Hillary Clinton’s political aspirations. Even so, I also pray she might live a long and healthy life in the private sector – a life with plenty of time to bounce cute little grandkids on her knee.

When they visit her in prison." --Matt Barber

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Anonymous said...

Seeing footballers take the knee to make their in your face statement is similar to muslims turning to domination when their numbers reach a certain point. If I don't turn away from football once and for all, I give them permission to dictate what I watch, and that ain't going to happen.