Thursday, September 29, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: The Case Against Hillary; Daddy’s Issues

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The Case Against Hillary: Stuart Schneiderman
Daddy’s Issues: Adam Kredo
Judge Nap: It Appears FBI Was Told to Exonerate Hillary 'at All Costs': FNI

After the Republic: Angelo M. Codevilla
The next president unbound: Victor Davis Hanson
Mall shooter not a U.S. citizen – voted in 3 elections: WND

MSNBC: Hillary Campaign Concerned About Getting Her ‘Enough Rest’: Mark Finkelstein
Obama Administration Official: We Don’t Screen Refugees For Radical Views: Alex Pfeiffer
9/11 families will be able to sue Saudi Arabia after huge override of Obama veto: DailyMail

What Trump Should Have Said About ‘Birther’ and Tax Returns: Larry Elder
“The Cleaner” Part II – Cleaner Identified – The Plot Thickens…: Treehouse
Did Trump Get a Bounce from Debate?: Douglas V. Gibbs


Hillary Clinton: I Worked Hard For My Graft: Ed Morrissey
Illinois Pension Shifts Further Pressure State Government: Yvette Shields
Nationwide to buy Jefferson National: Christine Idzelis

Scandal Central

Trey Gowdy to Comey: What more would Hillary Clinton have had to do to get you to prosecute her?: Hot Air
Jeh Johnson Unaware How Many Were Mistakenly Granted Citizenship From Iran, Syria, Libya: CNS
The Weaponized Government Continues – U.S. Dept. Of Labor Target Peter Thiel: Treehouse

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Chelsea Clinton Takes Private Jet to 'Clean Energy Roundtable': Breitbart
Goodbye World: We’ve Passed the Carbon Tipping Point For Good: Sarah Emerson


The Low Point of a Low Night: Paul Beston
FBI: 3 Times More Americans Stabbed To Death In 2015 Than Killed By Rifles, Shotguns Combined: Christian Datoc
Alert: Fake news websites designed to fool conservatives, Updated: Z4T

The Google-White Homicide Ratio Is Even Worse Than Official Statistics Show: Heartiste
Did Hillary Cheat? Internet Abuzz: Jim Hoft
Mainstream Media Support Of Hillary Clinton Will Cost Her The Election : Regated


Obama 'reflects,' sees himself as perfect: Matzav
Let Us Lock the Door to Islam: Geert Wilders
Putin's 'Blazing Sun' is a weapon of mass destruction: James Lewis

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Digital Consumers Forced to Open Accounts in Branches: The Financial Brand
Google, Facebook and Microsoft team up to clear the air about AI: Abhimanyu Ghoshal
2016 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year: NatGeo


From My Heart: Lynne Patton
Tim Tebow Hits a Home Run On His First At-Bat: PJM
FBI Alaska Failed SWAT Team Breach: Herschel Smith

Image: Chelsea reads a story about Nana
Sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "Hillary Clinton has been a disaster for so many communities, but especially for African-American communities. I don’t think African-Americans are going to come out and vote for Clinton – they are too smart, and they know they are being used. They also know that she’ll do nothing for them once the election is over – she never does, and that will never change...

...58% of African-American youth don’t have jobs. There is another shooting in Chicago every 2 hours. 45% of African-American children under the age of six are living in poverty.

The inner cities have been left behind.

Crime is through the roof, public education is a disaster, there are no jobs, it’s dangerous to walk down the street with your child. To the African-American community, I say: what do you have to lose? Vote for Donald Trump, I will fix it." --Donald J. Trump

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hillary's release of the video of Trump and Alicia Machado has nothing to do with outrage, it has everything to do with Hillary's defense of Bill. She is calling all men prurient beasts who given the opportunity would inflame themselves just as Bill has.
It is a lesbian's ultimate weapon, for, The crowd gathers bringing this guilty man into their midst saying, we should shame him for his adultery. But SHE, looking around at them says who of you hasn't done, or wanted the same thing in your heart? Let him go!
Hillary is playing the condemnation card, trying to create equivalence to call the dogs off her husband. And in a society that she and her ilk have corrupted and turned Lawless, there are now no other remedies, or arguments.