Sunday, September 18, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Trump’s Polling “Surge” Is Turning Into A “Wave”; How to Contest a Presidential Election

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Trump’s Polling “Surge” Is Turning Into A “Wave”: Stewart Lawrence
Congressional report: How to contest a presidential election: Bob Unruh
Election Fraud? Get Ready for Martial Law: Times of San Diego

The Federal Reserve and Its Murky Role in the US Election: Valentin Katasonov
Republicans Cave on IRS Impeachment – Just as They Always Do: Brent Smith
Mass stabbing at popular American Mall: Frank Lea

Dumpster bomb rocks Chelsea, injuring 29; second device found nearby: Post
Muslim Flash Mob Storms Through Mall of American on Eid Al Adha Holiday: Jim Hoft
Bomb explodes near Marine Corps race in New Jersey: CNN

DNC Hacker Is Targeting States Trump Most Needs To Win: Vocativ
Questions over Hillary's health rising even on the hard Left: Clare Foran
Hot mic catches Hillary trying to hide more coughing: Kyle Olson

Bill Clinton’s birthday bash proves the Clintons just can’t stop influence-peddling: Post
NJ 2nd Graders Taught: ‘Allah loves those who make themselves clean’: Creeping
Senators are on track to work the fewest days in 60 years: Charlotte Observer


Horrifying photos show how children are dying of hunger in Socialist Venezuela: DailyMail
California added 63,000 jobs in August, 42% of U.S. total: Natalie Kitroeff
Companies Saying Goodbye to the U.S.: Ben Brown, Fox Business

Scandal Central

Clinton Foundation Spent Less Than 6 Percent On Charitable Grants In 2014: Sean Davis
Senator Grassley: FBI Withholding Key Information About Clinton's Deleted Emails: Debra Heine
Suspect Killed in Minnesota Mall Stabbings Referred to Allah: Daily Beast

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Gas Shortages Loom After Pipeline Leak: ZH


Constitution Day: LevinTV
Hillary Clinton’s Backers Thought She Couldn’t Lose. Now, ‘I Can’t Go There.’: Matt Flegenheimer
Sources: Tens of Thousands of Hacked Clinton, Blumenthal Files Available on Deep Web: PJM


ISIS plotting 'to kill hundreds of Americans' in sick bid to fix US presidential election: Jason Taylor, Express
EU chief blames Angela Merkel for migrant crisis and ISIS attacks: Alix Culbertson, Express
French Teen Found Tied to Eiffel Tower Following Gang-Rape by Muslim Immigrants: Unveiled

Al-Qaeda bomb-maker in Guantanamo says a Saudi royal helped recruit him to jihad: Robert Spencer
Destination: Germany — Obstacle: Switzerland: GoV
Russia calls urgent UNSC meeting amid airstrikes on Syrian army: IANS

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

DNC Hacker Is Targeting States Trump Most Needs To Win: Vocativ
Note 7 owner sues Samsung, saying phone exploded in his pocket: Alex Dobie
How I Rewired My Brain to Become Fluent in Math: Barbara Oakley


BREAKING NEWS: Obama To Head 2016 Democratic Ticket: MOTUS
At 7-foot-1 and 400 pounds, high school football player Brave Williams is larger than life: Lynden Ostrander
NFL's $4.6 Billion TV Bounty May Be At Risk Due To Kaepernick Fiasco: Mike Ozanian, Forbes

Image: Constitution Day
Sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

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commoncents said...

Please vote in Presidential Straw Poll - 2016

Anonymous said...

Mayor de Blasio called the explosion an “intentional act,’’ but not believed to be connected to terrorism.