Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Hillary's Illness Explained

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Hillary's Illness Explained: Dr. Ted Noel
As an Agent, I Protected Hillary---Here's Why Her 'Fainting' Really Scares Me: Gary Byrne
Republicans move to impeach IRS chief: Examiner

Don’t Let Comey Put a Criminal in the White House: Austin Bay
Hillary Clinton: I've Only Collapsed Mysteriously "Twice... That I Can Recall": Ace
Hillary’s health is a valid issue: Jonah Goldberg

Powell warned Clinton not to make him fall guy over email scandal: Fox
Newly Leaked Emails Confirm Clintons And Obamas Can't Stand Each Other: ZH
Trump's Emphasis on Visa Violators Won't Give Mexicans a Pass: Dan Cadman

Obama's border plan collapses as illegals surge into Texas: Pete Kasperowicz
Obama Admin To Admit 110,000 Refugees In FY 2017, Up 30% Over 2016: Caroline May
Friend: Hillary's falls 'not infrequent,' Bill worried: Paul Bedard

Academic Giants and Dwarfs: Walter Williams
Report: Clinton Avoided Bellevue ER to Hide Record of Her Treatment: Debra Heine
This is the essential Mark Levin monologue every conservative needs to hear: Chris Pandolfo


88% of the rise in US price level since 1990 due to 4 tightly regulated sectors: Instapundit
Census: 118 million on government health insurance, 29 million remain uninsured: CNS
Trump Proposes Child Care Tax Credits, Changing Rules of Unemployment Insurance: Ace

Scandal Central

John Kerry’s State Department Funneled MILLIONS To His Daughter’s Nonprofit: Ethan Barton
Another Obamacare Co-Op Folds, Leaving Only 6 Remaining: Ali Meyer
New Guccifer 2.0 Leaks: Top DNC Donors Awarded Federal Posts Following Donations: Jim Hoft


Bill Clinton's Casual Remark About Hillary's Health Mysteriously Edited Out by CBS News: Kyle Becker
Clinton to 'Power Through': Patriot Post
Roger Stone: DNC Will Choose Michelle Obama If “Gravely Ill” Hillary Can’t Continue: Jim Hoft

Katie Couric Sued for $12 Million For Defamation In Anti-Gun Documentary: Bob Owens
Comrade Hillary Celebrates Robust Health: Jon Gabriel
Press skittish on Clinton after 9/11 health scare: T. Becket Adams


Yazidi Victim of ISIS Genocide: ‘They Beheaded Children With Axes’: Michael W. Chapman
Iran threatened to shoot down US Navy spy planes in the Persian Gulf: Lucas Tomlinson
Shimon Peres In Critical Condition; Israel Haters React: Israellycool

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Is the self-driving car just too much for Apple?: David Curry
Is There an Epidemic of ADHD?: Stuart Schneiderman
Why You Should Invite Artificial Intelligence to All Your Meetings: Mike Elgan


Mulan vs. the Diversity-Mongers: Michelle Malkin
All The Fun, None of the Ambient Psychopathy: MOTUS
Inside 'The 13' - The Most Luxurious Hotel Ever Built: ZH

Image: Chaffetz to FBI: "You are hereby served"
Sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "Mr. Director [Comey], it’s time for you to admit you erred in early July. You’ve got the evidence. Call a press conference. Recommend Hillary Clinton be indicted and, this time, let Attorney General Loretta Lynch make the decision. She’s the prosecutor—not you.

Recommend indictment for three reasons, Mr. Director. First and foremost recommend she face legal consequences because her actions were criminal. Recommend indictment in order to re-establish the integrity of your agency, whose reputation has been tarnished by your cowardly July decision. You know it. You face internal dissent as well as external criticism, and somewhere in your previously mentioned Washington-shrunken-soul you know the dissent and criticism is righteous, hence your prickly little memo.

Finally, sir, do it for the dead, the Americans who died at Benghazi.

If you lack the character and guts to recommend indictment, then resign, sir. Resign." --Austin Bay

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Anonymous said...

Hillary's Doctor has deemed her "fit to be President" so I believe she should act like she is fit and prove her mettle. The American people deserve to see a serious uptick in travel, debate, public visibility, press conferences, and the kinds of activities that befit the Presidency. Running out the clock is for chumps, Hillary has less than 60 days to make her bones, bring it girl or go home.