Thursday, September 01, 2016

MARK LEVIN: Dammit, Obama Lied and Iran Is On Its Way to Nukes!

By Chris Pandolfo

Thursday on the Mark Levin program, Conservative Review’s Editor-in-Chief read a report indicating the Obama administration cut a secret deal with Iran to permit the terrorist-sponsoring regime to violate restrictions put in place by last year’s nuclear deal.

 “This is the biggest issue of the day, the biggest issue of the month, the biggest issue of the year!”


“These are impeachable offenses. For Obama. For Vice-President Biden. For Secretary of State Kerry. For Susan Rice. For the whole top-level of the administration, the president on down,” Levin said.

“We have just armed up the most aggressive, detestable terrorist-state on the face of the earth! We’ve just sold out to them! They’re on their way [to] building nuclear weapons!”

“This is the fate that Barack Obama has sealed for the American people!”

Mark Levin continued after the break, tearing into the Iran nuclear deal and the feckless politicians who gave it to us.

"They may seek to wash their hands, but their hands are full of uranium! Their hands are full of plutonium!"

Read more at Conservative Review.

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Anonymous said...

Levin keeps bashing Trump to get 4 more years of Obama