Friday, September 30, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: The GOP is on the verge of self-destructing

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The GOP is on the verge of self-destructing: Ace
Obama pipes in on Venezuela’s Miss Machado: Fausta
The Kabuki Theatre of Presidential Debates: GoV

Cruz, Sessions let loose in Senate hearing on FY17 refugee plan: Ann Corcoran
Chiraq: 2 dead in separate Eisenhower Expressway shootings: Marathon
US State Department shoving refugees down their throats in Rutland, VT: Ann Corcoran

What About Hillary’s Decades Of Humiliating Women?: William Teach
Dem senator refuses to confirm comment on Clinton health: Rudy Takala
Clinton campaign in ‘panic mode’ over Florida black voters: Politico

From Congress to Obama, a dis best served cold: Jonah Goldberg
Was the Fix in on FBI Investigation of Hillary Clinton’s Emails?: Roger Aronoff
Obama: I don’t say “radical Islam” because it’s not helpful: Ed Morrissey


Who Is Killing the American Dream— and How Are They Doing It?: Elephants
Dozens Of Muslims SUE U.S Company For Not Allowing Time Off To Pray: RWN
Nervous investors pull money from Deutsche Bank: Andrew Rettman

Scandal Central

FBI Docs: Hillary Deleted Nearly 1,000 Emails With David Petraeus: Debra Heine
Veterans With Cancer Died After Delays at VA Hospital: Morgan Chalfant
Obama operatives stripped Judical Watch of ‘media’ status, overcharged for FOIA requests: Stephen Dinan

Did Hillary's State Dept. pass inside info on Greek bonds to her son-in-law?: Sarah Westwood
Democrat Says Vote Fraud Doesn't Exist as 19 Dead Folks Register To Vote: Brian Anderson
FEC Dems lay groundwork to ban Fox, WSJ political coverage: Paul Bedard


Uneducated NBC Reporter Attempts to Talk Gun Control: Beth Baumann
Alicia Machado who sparked Trump 'Miss Piggy' row had live sex on a reality show: Sun
NBC, aka boss of debate moderator Lester Holt, donated $5.6 million to Democratic Party: Unyielding

What’s wrong with other economists?: Law of Markets
The Second Presidential Debate Will Try Something New: Russell Berman
AIM interview with Peter Schweizer, author of Clinton Cash: AIM


Obama Administration Official: We Don’t Screen Refugees For Radical Views: Alex Pfeiffer
France: 'The Jungle' Migrant Camp: Soeren Kern
A fun 5 minutes with Hamad Abdel Samad: Vlad Tepes

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Gaffney on Obama's Attempt to Slip Irreversible Internet Surrender Through: 'We've Got 3 Days": John Hayward
It’s Official: Marine Rifle Squads are Getting Drones: Hope Hodge Seck
One Call Away: Israel


From Zombies to Clowns: Is America Going to the Dogs?: MOTUS
Egomaniac President Thinks Americans Are “Not Inspired” To Vote This Year: WZ
CNN caught lying to viewers... again: NewFoxes

Image: Dem senator refuses to confirm comment on Clinton health
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QOTD: "[We have now discovered] that 1,000 emails between Clinton and General [David] Petraeus were not turned over. This should be a bigger story. Petraeus started out as the leader of U.S. Central Command and then became the director of the CIA during Clinton's tenure as secretary of State, so not only were those emails obviously work related, they very likely were highly classified. The implications here are staggering.

But it gets worse.

The FBI summary also revealed that top State Department officials were actually putting pressure on employees to hide the fact that they were finding classified information in Clinton's emails." --Debra Heine

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