Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Mark Levin fires back at Ted Cruz detractors: How is he a sellout?

By Phil Shiver

Many in the conservative media have trashed Ted Cruz (A, 97%) since he announced his decision to support Donald Trump for president last Friday. Tonight on his radio show, CR Editor-in-Chief Mark Levin shot back in defense of Cruz.

“Now, the decision to vote for Trump is not a decision to embrace him, it’s to stop her (Hillary Clinton),” argued Levin.

“I guess Alexander Hamilton, when he eventually threw in with Jefferson to defeat Aaron Burr, was unprincipled,” Levin said sarcastically. “Hamilton hated Jefferson … but he thought he’d be better for the country.”

Listen to Levin make the case below (1:13 into the audio):

Levin also hilariously mocked the new “nationalist-populists” in the clip above, before coming to Cruz’s defense.

Levin, while announcing his own decision to vote for Trump, noted that conservatives are in a tough position this election. His vote for Trump will be anything but enthusiastic, but he cannot fathom Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office.

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Unknown said...

If Trump had said the things about my family that he said about Ted's, he would still be in the hospital.

Doom said...

Even if he was correct, Walter? Probably. If you could. I hear a lot of jabber about how tough guys are. So much chatter. If I had to fight for my family I'd really think about what they were doing for me to have to defend. I'm not tribal that way, if they are wrong, let them hang.

As to Cruz? Even if it is just pragmatism, or even if he did sell out, I still think, in the end, his nod was the correct decision. I'm not sure Mark has much to say, though supporting Cruz seems to be wise... practically, politically, and at a point where they hang together or separately. Not hating, on either of them. Just, how I see things. Neither are terribly favored, but it just seems they have come around... for whatever reasons. Though both are considered, to a degree, enemies. At least on my count-board. Risks, at the very least. Though where are such enemies often kept? Close, very close. Or in some very distant, podunk, burb of Nowhereville... depending on their value.

Anonymous said...

Everyone seems to be focusing on the candidates and not the prize in this election. As far as I'm concerned it's all about the Supreme Court in this election because it will set the tone for country for a generation. There is always hope that Cruz would end up there, which would be much better then if he had been elected as President.

Doom said...

While I am for Trump, if actually against the GOP in that, I am also very doubtful about this picks. I am not sure he will, on that score, be at all better than Hillary. Goes to character. That is probably a draw. Oh, he'll pick a Roberts, looks conservative but is either a pussy push-around or a stealth lefty. Then again, so did Reagan. So... yeah.

Matthew W said...

I am a huge Cruz supporter and a #NEVERTrump guy. I do not have a problem with Cruz supporting a third party crackpot for POTUS.

Eskyman said...

It's good that Levin cares about his country. Cruz only cares about Cruz, which hasn't changed.

So sorry for those honest people who haven't researched Ted Cruz to find out what he's really made of, but instead rely on the pundits who have let us down so many times before.

At least the Cruz family won't be going hungry, since Heidi has gone back to work for Goldman Sachs. You remember them, they buy politicians to get favorable laws. Not Ted, of course; he said so.

Anonymous said...

Eskyman is no help here. He's more pesky than esky.