Monday, September 05, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Did Team Clinton destroy evidence under subpoena?

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Did Team Clinton destroy evidence under subpoena?: Byron York
Hillary Promises To Deliver Regular Press Conferences... On One Condition: ZH
Hillary’s Campaign Van Equipped With Wheelchair Lift: Steven H. Ahle

Melania Trump's Heartbreaking Journey To Achieving American Dream: QPolitical
The Anti-Cinderella Man (Part One): Jim Quinn
Trump and Putting America First: Michael Cutler

Meet the mastermind behind Clinton’s massive email coverup: Paul Sperry
Obama’s DHS scolds Americans for not welcoming Syrians: WND
Bored Grandma Wants Access To Nation's Highest Secrets: William Teach

Murders HIt 20-Year High in Obama's Chicago: TruePundit
The Mind of the Left and Nebulous Nitwittery: Elephants
Regular Person Hillary Is Happy To Answer Questions From Kids: William Teach


Jonathan Hoenig: “Why Hillary Has My Vote”: The Real Revo
Teacher who angered Black Lives Matter activists is forced into retirement: Dave Huber

Scandal Central

The Curious Case of Cheryl Mills: Shannen W. Coffin
DHS Sec. Jeh Johnson Speaks To Group Tied To Hamas And Muslim Brotherhood: WZ


‘Hide It Hillary’ mobile app game banned by Apple; titles like ‘Punch Trump’ approved: Douglas Ernst
Mainstream media buries ‘amazing’ thing Trump’s team just did for people in Florida: Carmine Sabia
Where was Russ Feingold’s defense of civil liberties in abusive John Doe probe?: M.D. Kittle


Budapest was Ground Zero in the Great Migration Crisis of 2015: GoV
Isis militants are being 'smuggled to Europe in migrant boats', Libyan government adviser: Mark Piggott
French mayor vows to continue burkini ban: Robert Spencer

Defiant Obama tells Britain it will be at the back of the queue for a US trade deal after Brexit: DailyMail
Confrontations Flare as Obama’s Traveling Party Reaches China: NYT
Vladimir Putin insists Moscow is not to blame for their 'frozen' relations with the US: DailyMail

Marines Collect Intel, Pinpoint ISIS Targets as Mosul Fight Draws Near: Hope Hodge Seck
COEXIST: Swedish suburbs are turning into war zones: SPEISA
After Snubbing Obama, China Gives Putin Red Carpet Treatment: ZH

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Life on the fault lines: Major earthquakes overdue and ‘no one in the world is safe’:
The Building Blocks Of Progressive Web Apps: Ada Rose Edwards
What The Guardian has learned from chatbots: Jessica Davies


Labor Day 2016: MOTUS
Read the Sign: Earl of Taint
Clinton Presidency: The Most Corrupt in American History: Ashbrook (Dec. 1996)

Image: Read the Sign
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QOTD: "How far off course has America gone that Donald Trump, a candidate for the Presidency, is likely to be challenged by Hillary and the mainstream media for unambiguously declaring that our immigration system must serve the needs of the citizens of the United States?

Effectively addressing the immigration crisis is not about “Left” or “Right,” but about right or wrong. This is something that all Americans, irrespective of political orientation, should be in complete agreement about." --Michael Cutler

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Anonymous said...

Can Rodrigo Duterte be far from the mark if the white middle class is dying off the same way Barry's Mother did?