Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Will Donald Trump Usher in a Post-Progressive Era in American Politics?

By Lee Cary

Win or lose, the candidacy of Donald Trump is a victory for the Tea Party.

And should he win, he can be a transitional president for the nation.

Trump may be the last chance, for many decades, for America to achieve escape velocity from the advancing gravitational grip of the socialist progressive agenda that began in the 1880’s.

Since then, it’s been a succession of two steps forward and one step backward on the progressive movement’s relentless march toward an ever larger and more intrusive central government.

The election of Hillary Clinton will both lock-in and strengthen the force of that gravitational pull on America for the foreseeable future.

The nomination of Donald Trump was a victory for the grassroots Tea Party movement, though that’s not widely recognized today.

The Tea Party was a revolutionary event in American history – a largely-spontaneous, bloodless revolt against a federal government that has an insatiable, canine appetite for more employees, more agencies, more programs, more revenue, and more war.

All that “more” translates into increased government control over the daily lives of We The People. And it shows no signs of voluntarily abating; for in size and scope, all governments are, by their very nature, inflexible downward, whether led by a (D) or a (R).

The Tea Party Movement was a mass cry for the progressive march toward a thoroughly centralized government to stop!

Consequently, the movement was opposed by both the New Democrat Socialist Party and the Old Grand Old Party. The Tea Party was ridiculed by the legacy liberal media, and co-opted by namesake PACs and fund-raising opportunists that put “Tea Party” on their leader heads, while the blood of politics-as- usual flowed through their veins and solicitations for donations.

Organized at the local level, disorganized at the national level, the Tea Party was destined to not become what it never intended to become – another certified American political party, complete with all the trappings of same.

Ted Cruz became its ex-officio standard bearer. And when he didn’t win the GOP nomination, some Tea Party citizens were dispirited, but there’s no reason to be.

Trump is a historical anomaly: a unique, unanticipated instance where reality television and realpoliticks intersected on the national political stage. He represents the threat of a hostile takeover of a decrepit and rotted political system.

In that takeover, in him personally, there is risk. But there is also great opportunity.

In the alternative, Hillary Clinton, there is no risk. There is only continuing failure for the nation.

The Tea Party on Main Streets hoped to be championed by a genuine, conservative political. But that was never in the cards, because the GOP Establishment was the dealer.

Cruz’s nomination would have been a re-run of what happened when Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater won the GOP nomination against the wishes of the GOP Establishment.

In 2016, they didn’t want that to happen again; they didn’t want another Goldwater to be their nominee. Even more, they didn’t want Trump to win, but against all odds, and most pundits, he pulled it off.

When the nomination of Trump became near likely, and Cruz the only viable alternative, some notable Republican pols shifted their allegiance to the man John McCain called a “wacko bird.” The same bird who accused Mitch McConnell of lying on the floor of the U.S. Senate. Does anyone doubt that the 11th hour endorsements of Cruz by the Lindsey Graham-types were disingenuous?

To the GOP hardcore hacks, in and out of elected office, Trump is as much a threat to the status quo of the Grand Old Party as he is to the New Democrat Socialist Party. The same was true for the Tea Party Movement, on a pedestrian plain.

The threat to both parties today is that a Trump victory in November will bring a transitional presidency to America – one way or the other.

Barack Obama promised to “fundamentally transform” America. He has largely succeeded. Clinton will cement and expand that transformation.

Donald Trump will bring a transition to American politics. His politico-speak is, on balance, a threat to the advancement of the progressive agenda. And, while he may not pass the litmus test for achieving the label of genuine conservative, he is the best hope of advancing the fundamental beliefs of the Tea Party Movement that we’ve had in a GOP nominee since Barry Goldwater.

Trump can transition the Republican Party to something other than Democrats-Lite, and bring spirited opposition to the ideological monopoly that sustained the intrepid march of the American progressive socialist movement through the 20th Century.

Trump may, without directly intending to, usher in the beginning of a post-progressive era in American politics and government.

That potential is what makes him an enemy of socialist Democrats, progressive Republicans, the legacy liberal media, the billionaire masters of high-tech commerce, and the professorial elites who rule America’s universities with their safe spaces for snowflakes.

They are aligned against Trump – the same crowd that targeted the Tea Party for extinction.

That should tell us something.

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