Thursday, September 08, 2016

MEDIAITE WRONG AGAIN: Yes, Granny Catlady Wears an Earpiece to Get Instructions From Handlers

Hillary Clinton was spotted wearing a nearly invisible earpiece yesterday during the NBC TV Town Hall event.

True to form, the dimwits at Mediaite are claiming this is all a conspiracy, first with urgent missives like "Fox News Now Reporting Anonymously Sourced Theory About Clinton’s ‘Earpiece’" and "Donald Trump Jr. Spreads Hillary Clinton Earpiece Conspiracy Theory on Twitter", to name but a few.

Well, it turns out that Wikileaks actually captured an email from Huma Abedin to Hillary Clinton asking whether the elderly, infirm, and oft-injured catlady had remembered her "earpiece".

Josh Feldman, usually one of the few voices of sanity at the far left media-watching website, was quick to react to the Wikileaks revelation, offering up the ludicrous explanation that -- not only are you imagining that earpiece in the photo, but -- Hillary simply needed her "earpiece" for the United Nations General Assembly.

Pity Josh never bothered to actually look up what UN General Assemblies actually look like.

Psst, Joshie: do an image search for united nations translation or un translation service and you'll see what the headsets look like.

They're not teeny earpieces that your Abuela forgets to bring to the UN.

Hat tip: BadBlue Real-Time News.


Anonymous said...

a puppet must have strings

Anonymous said...

Based on what I can see and what I can read about the topic, I am not so sure that she was wearing an earpiece during the "Commander-in-Chief" Q&A session. But whether she was--or she wasn't--she will never be able to get away with wearing one during the upcoming debates, that is for sure. There will be too much attention paid to the topic for her handlers to be able to pull it off and too many opportunities for others to try and jam the wireless signal. Imagine how embarrassing that would be or what might be said if the earpiece fell out during one of her coughing fits. Still...I would not put it past them to try!

Eskyman said...

Wait! You can't mean... no, of course you're not suggesting that...

Hillary Clinton could CHEAT?

How could you imagine such a thing! Why, Hillary Clinton is aboveboard, warm, motherly, honest, transparent, absolutely untainted with any hint of scandal. She makes Mother Teresa look like a Mafia figure in comparison!

(I know this is all true, they tell me that every day in the mainstream media!)

Petercat said...

I wonder if someone could smuggle in a device that would induce something like a feedback squeal in the middle of the debate? That would be fun.
Or pulsed sound to cause an epileptic fit? Watching her drop like a marionette with cut strings would be fun, too.

directorblue said...

@petercat - great idea!