Saturday, September 10, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Clinton --- Half of Donald Trump's supporters are racist, sexist, homophobic bigots

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Clinton: Half of Trump supporters are racist, sexist, homophobic bigots: T. Becket Adams
Hillary’s ‘mystery man’ spotted during blood-clot hospitalization: The World
The Science is Settled: Doctors Says Granny Clinton’s Health a Serious Concern: JWF

Fifteen Years after 9/11, and America Still Sleeps: Bruce Thornton
Why Were 6 Men In Ferguson/St. Louis Shot To Death And Left In Burning Cars?: WZ
Murder numbers don't tell the story in Chicago. Shootings do.: John Kass

Obama to Push Amnesty And Importing “Syrian” Refugees In His 9/11 Radio Address?: RWN
Remembering a Hero, 15 Years After 9/11: Peggy Noonan
New York: Muslims want to whitewash 9/11 Memorial, town says no: Creeping

Obama’s ‘1st Muslim judge’ has ties to Saudi regime: Leo Hohmann
Julian Castro’s $2,000 Flight To Columbus: NTK
Appeals court blocks proof-of-citizenship voting requirement: Sam Hananel


A Scary Obamacare Mystery: Megan McArdle
Feds Spend Millions Fighting FOIA Lawsuits, GAO Finds: Kathryn Watson
Upcoming ‘Palestine’ Course Will Increase Antisemitic Atmosphere at UC Berkeley: Lea Speyer

Scandal Central

Assange: Up to 100,000 pages of Clinton documents to come: Rudy Takala
After Clinton Fails to Respond to Lawsuit, Parents of Benghazi Victims Seek Judgment: Rachel Stockman
DOJ Gave Immunity to Person Who Destroyed Clinton Emails: Chris White

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Will 2016 be the warmest year on record?: John Hinderaker
The Chevron Shakedown threatens to turn Canada’s legal system into a disgrace: Jazz Shaw
Judge denies request to stop Dakota Access pipeline: Kyle Feldscher


Politico co-founder: Pro-Hillary media bias in this cycle “scary”: Ed Morrissey
'New York Times' Gets Aleppo Wrong — Twice! — in Article Mocking Johnson: Tyler O'Neil
Fox’s Judge Napolitano Just Flat Out Accused FBI of Corruption: Rachel Stockman

Mark Levin Heeds Reagan’s Advice on Trump and Hillary: Jeffrey Lord
Mark Levin: 'No persuasive, principled argument' for conservatives to support Clinton: Eddie Scarry
George Soros is backing Hillary with $25 million: John Sexton


Why Was Iran Given Secret Exemptions from Key Nuclear-Deal Requirements?: Fred Fleitz
The Most Important New Alliance in Asia: Harry Hoshovsky
'Fanatic recklessness': Nations rip North Korea for reported nuke test: Kirk Spitzer

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

WeaponsMan: Spy Toys: WRSA
ATF pushing government app to report suspect gun owners: Sam Rolley
What's up, Zuck? FTC to probe Facebook for WhatsApp phone number mega-slurp: Shaun Nichols


Gurka-Burka, Burkini, and other wordplay is Islamophobic: Cube
Hammer Time for Hillary: Springer's Blog
Hillary Clinton has 'one year to live' US Presidential candidate in shock new health claim: Express

Image: Hillary’s ‘mystery man’ spotted during blood-clot hospitalization
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QOTD: "[A Politico] story notes the irony of [George] Soros, who opposes Citizens United because it allows too much big money in politics, spending [$25 million] supporting Hillary. A source close to Soros says he once called it ‘odious’ that billionaires like himself had so much influence and cited that feeling as a reason to pull back on giving after 2004.

But all of that seems out this window this election cycle. Now Soros is spending freely even as he donates the legal maximum ($5,000) to a group called End Citizens United. He’s really against this sort of money in politics and so is Hillary, just not right this moment." --John Sexton


commoncents said...

HATE SPEECH DEFINED! Hillary Clinton call half of Trump supporters a "Basket of Deplorables"

Anonymous said...

Gomert's right, it's about time America elected a handicapped person for President. We've cut curbs, lowered toilets, established special parking and all kinds of Corporate privileges for this wonderful group of Americans.
Older than 40(?), check, disabled(?) check, a felon(?) check, physical handicaps(?) check, mental illness(?) check; what more do we want? Hillary embodies everything we have championed and paid for in this Country for the last 30 years and we would dare dismiss her because she is debilitated, or somehow not as good as the rest of us? It's time to put one in the White House. Just turn her over on the couch from time to time so her flesh doesn't grow into the vinyl.