Sunday, November 18, 2007

Blogosphere highlights you can't afford to miss!

The Hsu's on the other foot: Gateway Pundit notes another heavyweight Clinton donor is in trouble for fraud (and accused of groping as well - why, how very Clinton-esque?).

What happened to the other 176?: Annie Jacobson describes TSA Suspicious Incident #177, in which a Federal Flight Deck Officer (FFDO - armed pilot) was alerted by crew-members to four suspicious individuals who repeatedly entered and exited the same lavatory, when other lavatories were available. When the FFDO later checked the lavatory, the mirror had been unlatched. The TSA believes this area was indicative of a concealment area for terrorist materials and that the entire incident had "many of the elements of pre-operational terrorist planning." In July, I posted some background on several incidents that likely constitute one or more of the other 176.

A thing of beauty: Why carrying a gun is a civilized act (hat tip: Glenn Reynolds).

Sir Edmund Hilary: Why Hillary should not be trusted (a book review in The Bulletin)

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