Friday, November 02, 2007

My Recommendations for the Weblog Awards

The following are my recos for best blogs in their respective categories:

Best Blog: Michelle Malkin (honorable mention: Captains Quarters)

Best New Blog: Jammie Wearing Fool

Best Individual Blog: Anchoress (honorable mention: Glenn Reynolds, Suitably Flip)

Funniest Blog: The Nose on Your Face

Best Online Community: Little Green Footballs

Best Conservative Blog: Powerline (honorable mention: Ace of Spades, Newsbusters, Sister Toldjah)

Best Political Coverage: Real Clear Politics

Best Military Blog: Michael Yon (honorable mention: Blackfive)

Best Business Blog: BizzyBlog

Best LGBT Blog: Gay Patriot

Best Science Blog: Junk Science

Best Photo Blog: Zombietime

Best UK Blog: EU Referendum

Best Middle East/Africa Blog: Michael J. Totten (honorable mention: Iraq the Model)

Best Australia/New Zealand Blog: Tim Blair

Best of the Top 250: Gateway Pundit (honorable mention: Red State)

Best of the Top 251-500: Fausta (honorable mention: Israel Matzav)

Best of the Top 501-1000: Betsy's Page

Best of the Top 1751-2500: Texas Rainmaker (honorable mention: A Blog for All)

Go ye therefore hence... and vote!

p.s., I've fallen way behind in my category (best of the top 5000-6750). Please help make it look respectable. My self esteem is down over 17.2% since I saw the most recent results.

Hey Mister and Missus, can you spare a vote? Nominations for the 2007 Weblog Awards are now open. If you have a spare second, click on over.

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