Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The case of the missing Ben Franklin


The tale of Hillary and the waitress:

Waitress: I was left no tip.
The campaign: We paid $157 for food and left a $100 tip.
The waitress: I never got anything. The restaurant manager told reporters she left the tip because he didn't want his restaurant to be overwhelmed with reporters' calls.

An addendum to the story above: "[Editor's Note: after the tip controversy became a national story, the Clinton campaign returned to the restaurant and left $20]."

To sum it up, the Clinton campaign felt compelled to go back and leave a $20 tip (well under 15%, by the way). So their original assertion that they left a $100 tip was... yet another Hillary fabrication, we presume.

It doesn't make my Top 12 Hillary Fabrications List, to be sure, but it's interesting nonetheless.

I mean, consider: the Clinton Machine is willing to lie about as trivial a matter as a tip. Most of us would have simply fessed up and said, "We forgot. We'll take care of it." But the Clinton posse would rather fib and spin. If they'll lie about something like this, you can be sure that deception is integrated directly into their genomic structure.

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